Somaliland: President Silanyo urges Mayors to act prudently


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Mayors have been asked to provide service delivery judiciously at their respective local governments.

This was said by the president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo during a meeting he held with mayors at the presidency where he also commended them for not only sustaining but enhancing harmonious co-existence in major towns of the country.

“If you provide public services impartially, that is without favour, residents will reciprocate by peaceful co-existence which is the base of national security, development and governance” President Silanyo told the mayors.

According to a press statement released by presidential spokesperson Mr. Abdilahi Ukuse, the president met with mayors of the 7 class “A” local councils that are composed of Hargeisa, Borame, Gabile, Berbera, Burao, Las anod and Erigavo.

During the mayor’s meeting that comes in the heels of a similar meeting between the president and regional governors, the head of state was briefed on the prevalent situation in their respective local councils. The mayor’s briefings had a special emphasis on economic, public services provision and existing working relationships with regional organs of the central government for the past two years.

The heads of the seven local councils unanimously concurred that a discernible improvement in central government support for development activities has been availed since the Kulmiye party government headed by President Silanyo took over almost two years ago.

The press brief failed to mention if the issue of the long delayed local council elections was discussed during the meeting. The local council elections planned for late this year will are meant to replace existing councilors whose tenure is long overdue having been elected in December 2002