Somaliland:President Silanyo Pledges to support families displaced deadly Raining stormed in Hargeisa city


President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo

By: Omar M. Farah
Somalilandsun-The President of Somaliland republic, Ahmed Mohammed Silanyo, has visited on his foot to the families of their homes were destroyed by storming windy rain which rained on Tuesday evening in Hargeisa city.
This heavy raining have resulted that 5 people lost their lives and other 22 were suffered various injuries. The head of state sent condolence to families who lost their beloved family members and friends. Further the president has wished to recover to those who injured in this accident.
President Silanyo has pledged to victim families displaced on this tragedy that his government will support so as to make rehabilitation to their shelters. Somaliland’s president assessed the scope of the causalities of this accident and visited specified villages located in the various of the five districts in the city and received detailed information from the families effected to the raining casualties.

On their part some of the members whom lost their relatives thanked to the president commitment towards sharing his feelings to them and also they praised to the head of state of the support of his administration.
The president accompanied by the city mayor Abdirahman Soltelco, police commissioner Brigadier Abdilahi Fadal Iman, presidency minister and other officials also toured various areas of Hargeisa affected by the rains with specific inspection attention targeting Ahmed Dagah district which was most hit.