Somaliland: President Silanyo Joins a Queue of Citizens Purchasing 18th May Flags at Waheen Market


president Silanyo in line like everyone else shopping in somaliland

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The ongoing frenzy among citizens for acquisition of 18th May Commemorations adorned in the Somaliland colours turned mysterious at Waheen market after buyers and sellers noticed a replica of their president in their queue.
And sure indeed it was the president, Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo who took a couple of minutes off his status inspection tour within the capital Hargeisa to acquire his country’s flag which is customary during 18th May day independence day commemorations.
After it became obvious to all that it was indeed their head of state the now amused ordinary citizens started greeting and parleying president Silanyo whom they offered but rejected offer to jump the flag buying line.

President Silanyo of Somaliland (L) is briefed by a hawker in Waheen market Hargeisa
The president whose itinerary saw him visit, on foot, the two big biggest markets in Hargeisa namely Waheen and Gobanimo also inspected the new ultra modern headquarters of the ministry of interior.
And just like an ordinary citizen the president and his paltry entourage quenched thirst at the ambassador hotel where he was served by perplexed waiters who are reported to have offered their colleagues detailed to the presidential team a months’ salary just for the honour of serving president Silanyo.

Predsident Silanyo buys a Somaliland flag at waheen Market Hargeisa
Apart from the 1st lady Amina Sh Mohamed Jirde ‘Amina Weris’ the president Silanyo meet the people cum inspection tour included the ministers of Interior and finance Mohamed Ali Waran’ade and Zamzam Aden, special assistant to the president Ali Ahmed Ali, president Guard commander Brigadier Ahmed Ali Maygaag and National police commissioner Brigadier General Abdilahi Fadal Imaaan.

President Silanyo paces through Gobanimo market in Hargeisa
Somaliland a former British protectorate that in 1960 joined a voluntary later turned fateful union with Italia Somalia is commemorating its 24 anniversary of independence on 18th May since re-declaring sovereignty in 1991

Waiters at ambassador hotel jostle to serve the president Silanyo entourage while not used to these situations presidential guard commander Brig Maygaag keeps a close watch


Predsident Silanyo gets empirical info on proces of commodites in Hargeisa young citizen you can achieve your dreams but with hard work

Somaliland Flag adorned finance minister Zamzam Abdi Aden