Somaliland: President Silanyo Extends Mandate of TFG Talks Committee


 “We shall talk to all whom we perceive to be of importance to our nation but our Sovereignty is neither for discussion nor Compromise” Silanyo

By: Yusuf M HasanTop-President disembarks and receives commander in chief salute, Below-Press briefing at VIP lounge with Rayale

BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland TFG talk’s technical committee has been given the go ahead to continue dialogue initiated in London on the 21st June 2012.

The go ahead was announced by the president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo at the Berbera International airport’s VIP Lounge upon arrival from the United Arab Emirates where he co-signed the Dubai Declaration with his Somali counterpart Sheikh Sharif Ahmed.

The president’s 6 days sojourn to Dubai was related to the 2nd phase of the Somaliland-Somalia talks that saw him meet with president Sharif of Somalia face to face for the first time in a span of two decades.

President Silanyo who briefed the press at the Berbera international airport VIP Lounge said that the meeting in Dubai between him and Sharif, organized by the international community and hosted by the UAE government was very fruitful thus the Dubai accords which gives the Chevening House teams the go ahead to continue with talks.

The Somaliland delegation led by Silanyo to the talks was composed of ex-president and leader of UDUB party Hon Dahir Rayale Kahin, Ruling Kulmiye party leader Mr. Musa Bihi Abdi, Minister of Defence Hon Ahmed Haji Ali Adami, current 1st lady and former 1st lady Ms Amina Sh Mohamed Jirde “Weris” and Ms Huda Bharkad respectively.

The five member technical committee that is led by the foreign minister Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar, leader of opposition political party of UCID Hon Feisal Ali Warabe, MP Bashe Mohamed Farah- 1st Deputy speaker of parliament, Ministers of the presidency and that of Labour & Social Affairs Hon Hirsi Ali and Hon Mahmoud Ahmed Barre (Garaad) was already in the Emirati city of Dubai having left London directly to prepare the 2nd phase of the talks termed historic by president Silanyo.

 He revealed that during his delegations meeting with the Transitional Federal Government’s delegation led by Sheikh Sheriff  that were  a follow up to the London talks held by technical committees from SL & TFG which came up with the Chevening house declaration, presidential seals of approval were stamped on the Chevening house declaration as well as reaffirmed the Somaliland’s irrevocable sovereignty.

Ex-president Dahir Rayale Kahin who also spoke during the press briefing concurred with president Silanyo on the talk’s proceedings and importance while at the same time asking Somalilanders to have faith and trust in president Silanyo as all his undertakings and those of his underlings abroad are for the benefit of the country.

Hon Rayale concluded his short briefing by informing that the country’s sovereignty is never under discussion or compromise, said he, “The government of the day is obligated to inform all and sundry of its irrevocable sovereignty.

The talks between the two countries that were 2 decades overdue ensued following the dictates of article six and 10 of the final communiques issued after the February London and June Istanbul II conferences on Somalia respectively.

During and before London and Dubai talks, Somaliland has remained steadfast in its assertion that its sovereignty is irrevocable thus not an agenda in whatever phase of the talks. As per the TFG which has slightly toned its stand, following the preparatory committee London talks at Chevening house, its main interest has been reunification negotiations.

During festivities to mark the 52nd anniversary of independence from Great Britain held at the presidency in Hargeisa on the 26th June, 2012, president Silanyo informed that the two neighbouring countries of Somaliland and Somalia are tied by common interests while firmly reasserting his country’s sovereignty by telling Somalilanders that “Talks or no Talks our Sovereignty is neither for discussion nor Compromise”

In the Independence Day speech president Silanyo also urged the international community to finally concur with the wishes of Somalilanders as pertains to self-rule after they revoked union with Somalia at Burao in 1991 as well as indicated by their 97% yes vote for separation during the 2001 referendum.

Said he, “Following the costly reclamation of our independence and in view of Somalilanders desire for self-rule, we do hereby ask the world to respect our people’s decision and recognize Somaliland as a free country with full membership at the United Nations”

In this context the president of Somaliland is to meet on 29th June 2012 in Dubai, face to face with Somalia’s president Sheikh Sharif for historic talks whose outcome only time and time alone will tell.