Somaliland: President Silanyo Dispels Lies on Oil and Aviation


President Silanyo (C) opens the refurbished officers academy

By M.A.Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud categorically denied reports that the oil prospecting company, Genel Energy, have stopped their works and left the country.

The President equally denied alleged reports hence dispelled rumours that the Ethiopian Airlines claimed Egal Airport as a substandard and unworthy one to land its crafts.

H.E. President Ahmed Mohammed who stated the facts in a speech at the opening ceremony of Armed Forces Senior Officers’ College at Dararweine yesterday attributed the misinformation as to having emanated from opposition politicians who used illegal plat-forms.

“Brethren, Genel Energy only temporarily paused their chores hence have not left the country”, stated the President, and added, “The Ethiopian Airlines have not attributed any demeaning words to (slandering) Egal Airport”.

He observed, “Claims were allegations concocted and mere lies”.

He reiterated the fact that the country was blessed with peace and stability hence is at a stage worth admiration.

First batch of Officer Trainees

“The country’s security has not dropped even a notch and the security arms were quite operational and perpetually on the stand by”, said the President.

He further noted that country was also blessed with a vigilante community always at the ready to defend their nation and a sincere government who came through the power of the ballots.

He called on the people to remain united and steadfast to their country.

“Be united and in solidarity with nationhood advancement hence work mutually and in tandem with the security personnel,” he appealed.

National officials join president Silanyo and the first lady in Saluting the Somaliland Flag

As to the seemingly technical hitches at both the Genel and airline services, the government had already dispatched cabinet members to Addis Ababa and London to delve upon the matters. (See stories on both issues elsewhere in this issue).

It is understandably assured that Genel Energy will continue embarking on its works whereas the Ethiopian Airline question will equally mutually and amicably be addressed in the course of the next two days or so.