Somaliland: President Silanyo Concludes Working Visit to Ethiopia


Concurs with decision by VP Sayli to postpone ruling party General meeting

President Silanyo and PM Desalegn of Ethiopia after meeting in Addis Ababa on 11th Jan 2014

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Various bi-lateral arrangements between the governments of Ethiopia and Somaliland are now past discussions thence set for implementation.

This was revealed by the Somaliland head of state President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo during a press briefing at Egal international Airport VIP lounge upon his return from a working visit to the Ethiopian Capital where he visited following an official invitation from Hailamariam Desalegn the Prime minister of the neigbouring country.

“During our discussions we agreed to not only enhance the existing friendly relations between our two countries but to start implementation of various agreements entered upon by our respective governments” Said president Silanyo

Informing on the issues that were discussed during the visit in which the Ethiopians had dispatched a chartered jet for their visitor, later joined at the meeting by the Somaliland foreign minister Mohamed Behi Yonis who is in Addis Ababa en-route to Turkey where he is leading a team of negotiators with Somalia, president Silanyo said

Visit by president Silanyo enhances Ethio-Somaliland bi-lateral relations

“We not only discussed but agreed that the two countries start immediate facilitation on security cooperation, Works on the road linking the two countries, Supply of electricity from Ethiopia, ongoing anti-Tahrib (illegal Immigration) and Inter-border trade and movement”

The Somaliland president and Ethiopian Prime minister who also dwelt on issues related to the wider Horn of Africa region also concurred on the imperative need to continue security cooperation to deter destabilization from foreign elements.

Ethiopia which was the first country to establish diplomatic ties with the yet to be recognized Somaliland has maintained working relations that has seen the two countries establish high level committees to come up with guidelines on various aspects of their partnership like, security, trade and cross-border movements among others.

President Silanyo briefing the press at Egal Airport Hargeisa upon return from Ethiopia

During a Q&A with journalist President Silanyo said that he fully concurs with the postponement of the ruling party of KULMIYE General Meeting by the Vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi who announced the 11th hour postponement of the earlier on twice delayed party’s general meeting, VP Sayli said the absence of the head of state was behind the new delay.

Dispelling Rumours of purported wrangles with the senior echelons of the ruling party VP Sayli said “There are no conflicts amongst/between the top executive leadership of the party,” declared the VP in answer to press queries as to whether the top echelons were not in good terms. He elaborated on the differing sentiments between the proponents of the postponement and those against it in philosophical terms; he said, “The so called conflicts as perceived are in no way antagonism,” and further explained, “They happen to be only clash of ideas which is quite normal in a busy settling”.