Somaliland: President Silanyo, A Nation Builder Driven by Fairness, Compassion and Devotion to Duty.


President Silanyo custodian of the nation“He is the custodian of our nation who gives a Voice to a Voiceless Nation”

By |Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|

The Somaliland Republic is headed by a democratically elected President. The Somaliland people had given the President the political capital and the governmental instrument to do things better.

He has been given a full mandate to serve and secure the nation and to safeguard the national interest in the first place; and to act and conduct on the letter of the rule of law and the country’s constitution.

Therefore, President Ahmed Siilaanyo is the only one who has the constitutional power to determine into which direction our country will go. He is the only one legally authorized to decide on which crucial policy decisions should be made.

With grace and impeccable judgment, with a clear language and a clear purpose, President Ahmed Siilaanyo made a very crucial policy decision: the Republic of Somaliland will neither participate nor be part of the forthcoming Somali Conference in London on May 7th 2013. This is an act of courage and daring that reflects our values as a nation as well as our resolute ability TO SAY NO to anyone who tries to undermine our national interests, no matter how powerful they are!! It is a decision based on wisdom and broadmindedness; it’s a decision that ensures, recognises and protects the right for self-determination, the aspirations and free-will of our people and the independence of our country. The president has once again proven that he is the custodian of our nation, a nation hero who never recoils from the enemies when the name and honour of his people and country are at stake.

The state visit of the President of the Somaliland Republic and his delegate to Turkey reminded us of the old truth that sometimes pictures are worth more than thousands words. Both on departures to Turkey as his return to home President Ahmed Siilanyo has delivered a redeeming, strong and unequivocal press statement in which he clearly pledged –in word of honour and in every possible way-, that the independence and sovereignty of our country are sacred and non-negotiable.

This was a clear message to Somaliland’s opponents as well as to those sceptics, unbalanced and immature politicians that are lacking of tact, vision and context driven political conviction that are continuously spreading false and damaging stories about the country, the president and his cabinet members.

Despite the enormous diplomatic and security challenges lie ahead for the Somaliland government, I am fully convinced that the government of President Ahmed Silaanyo is steadfastly determined to remain actively involved to all major diplomatic fronts without any concession upon the sovereignty, integrity and independence of the Somaliland Republic as well as the aspirations and self-determination of its people. This government believes fully in exploring of all options (socio-economic and diplomatic advancement) to achieve its goals which best meets the needs and challenges facing Somaliland people today. In a time of increasing hostility and animosity towards the existence of our nation aimed seriously at destabilization and destruction of our home country, we are extremely lucky to have in place a government with guts and daring instinct that is determined and committed to defend the existence, dignity and sovereignty of its people.

One thing that in all social layers and on each end of the political spectrum in the Somaliland society is agreed on each other is the fact that the independence and sovereignty of the Somaliland Republic are sacred and non-negotiable. The people of the Somaliland Republic will never ever make another historic and costly mistake; they will never fall again into another trap of their own making by sacrificing the hard-won independence and sovereignty for the sake of an unfruitful and counterproductive concept of the Greater Somalia. The will-power and self-determination of Somaliland’s people for their independence and statehood outweighs than any other plausible issue whatever it might be. The president and his government are dutifully aware of this fact and they are morally as well as constitutionally obliged to obey and follow it.

Yes, the birth of this great nation ‘The Somaliland Republic’ came forth through the sacrifice, bloodEng. Hussein Deyr/writershed and tears of an oppressed and exploited people who found freedom as they endured the pain and heartache suffered at the hands of their oppressors.

The leader of our nation HE President Ahmed Siilaanyo is the Personification and the Icon of the Legendry Armed Resistance Forces who fiercely fought against the atrocities and all the brutal acts that the population of Somaliland has suffered at the hands of the former cruel regime of Somalia. He is a nation hero who never recoils from the enemies when the name and honour of his own people and country are at stake.