Somaliland: President Restricts Administration Official’s Public Verbosity


Somalilandsun -information attained by reliable Geeska Afrika sources indicate that the head of state H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has banned top government officials like head of departments, parastatals bosses and ministers from communicating through the media but instead should use telephone, emails and official letters.
The presidential circular which was not meant for the media to snoop but which Somalilandsun received a copy from unknown source read as follows….
Cc: To government ministries
Cc:To government Parastatals
Re: Protocol of Use of Media Services by Government Officials
I would like to inform you that my government is in the process of enacting a thorough plan on how to communicate with the media by different government departments so that information shared with the media should be scrutinized before dissemination.
In this respect I inform you that from today ..…….
1.All heads of government departments should only communicate through telephone, emails and official letters.
2.Leaders should not argue with one another through the media.
3.Low level government officials have no authority to speak to journalists without prior permission of their head of departments.
4.Government Head of departments cannot talk about issues outside their sphere of influence.
5.Government employees are not allowed to talk politics, tribal propaganda and complain about work related issues.
By:Guleid Abdi Maher


  1. Mudanne Musa Bixi has done no offense but directing is staff. It is a known procedure and guideline that there is a spokes persons for the different government departments/Ministries and not every Dik and Harry’s duty. Again the spokes man has to have facts and findings when talking to the media.

    Media has become where African government officials practice their famousness or rather do their campaigns. Community need actions not words.

    I support Mr Bixi with all his initiatives and he is a true leader that Somaliland needed. Somaliland needs disciplinary measure to develop and be recognised. The international community see the need for this country to be independent but system of running the government never proved that step. What Mr Bixi is initiating is way forward. Please support him on his change management effort.

    There is a lot to be done. One of the most urgent case is to take money from the streets and have official banking systems. The Ministry of finance has to act fast. You will be free country soon if you join and embed the change.