Somaliland: President reiterates SL independence as country celebrates 26th June


Somaliland Independence Day on the 26th June 1960

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun- The Somaliland Independence Day gained from Britain in 1960 was celebrated last night in the country, with the climax of the commemoration being witnessed at the Presidency.

By the strike of mid night the President witnessed the symbolic raising of the nation’s flag after giving his speech to the nation in an eventful evening. 

H.E. Ahmed Mohammed MohamudSilanyo took the time to reiterate the irrevocable independence of Somaliland and at the same time reminded the populaces of their obligation to be steadfast in their patriotism hence maintain peace and stability.

The Head of State reminded the world community that the statehood of Somaliland was a factual essence and not mere illusion.

He said that the people’s aspirations of being independent was something that started from grassroots level following the 2001 national referendum that saw a 97% ayes for the independence and new constitution for the land.

He beckoned the world to see facts that this country was a completely separate one from Somalia.

President Silanyo flanked by national leaders commemorate Independence Day in HargeisaHe said that apart from the mere cultural linguistic and marital connections, the countries of Somalia and Somaliland were utterly diverse.

He pointed out that SL was only a protectorate whereas the southern Italian country of Somalia was in fact colonized and not a protectorate.

He noted that the development so far achieved in Somaliland was through self-reliance, with no foreign debts hence got through peaceful stability.

He pointed out that as was tested timely it was in fact quite different from other war torn countries of the world.

He made it quite clear that SL was not part and parcel of any other country and that no unauthorized entities can claim representation at any time. 

Veteran Omar Indole who is almost a century year old (94) gave a moving speech about the country’s history while revisiting times before the II world war.

He happens to be the one given the flag at the hosting of the Independence Day.

Somaliland service commanders at the 26th June Independecne commerationTogether with Mohammed Aden Deyr who was a civil servant in the colonial era, the veterans revisited the struggle for independence when the dervishes fought the British upto the time when Said Mohammed Abdulla dubbed the Mad Mullah by the British was defeated.

They talked of the late Farah Omar’s heroism who started and led a non-violent movement in quest for independence in Aden. He was seen as the Voice of the Nation.

The veterans talked of the popular renaissance movements which like in the rest of Africa set up fronts or parties to act as vessels of their causes in the struggles e.g. the SNL, NUF and the SPM.

The festival saw the reflection of the immediate past 25 years development made in the country vis-à-vis the 30 years earlier of the ill-fated union with the southerners.

Similarly, foreign affairs minister Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire gave the updates of the past 25 years.

While noting the coincidence of the British referendum of quitting EU (Brexit) he said that the SL aspirations through the 2001 referendum should be respected as the Brexit one should be honoured.

Earlier on a long film depicting the history of Somaliland to the present day status was shown to the audience who were at the presidency on the occasion.

The Ethiopian, Turkish and Djibouti representatives in the country were present. 

Heavy guns salute and a guaride was mounted by the forces to mark the occasion.