Somaliland: President Reiterates His Sincere Service to the Nation


Dr Omar (L) Musa Bihi (4th L) President Silanyo and his deputy VP Sayli (7th & 8th L) after meeting the new Kulmiye party members who defected from UCID

By: M.A. Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo last night received political heavy weights who defected from UCID at the end of the week.

They were among scores of supporters who deserted UCID in a high profile function held at Hotel Maansoor on Thursday.

In a press statement by Presidential spokesman Ahmed Suleiman Duhul which reached us as we were going to press, it said that the new KULMIYE party defectors noted the fact that the administration’s ability to implement its campaigns pledge was the main impetus that propelled them to decamp from UCID.

They said that the able leadership of the President had enabled the populace to achieve tangible and significant development and progress in quite a short time frame.

The statement said that what really touched their hearts most was the foreign policy which depicted hence at the same time reflected the sincere and really wonderful intention of the state as far as the country’s aspirations for sovereignty is concerned.

On the other hand the Head of State praised the politicians for their patriotism hence thanked them for their efforts in evaluating hence acknowledging the administration’s efforts and at last embracing KULMIYE’s policies.

The President noted that whatever steps or actions on developmental aspects are taken by the state, they only positively reflect on the country’s progress and socio-economical livelihood of the populace.

The President reiterated his ambition of both his personal and administrative efforts to raise both the people’s and national’s standards by serving them sincerely.

He lastly impressed upon the new KULMIYE supporters the need to have their positive indulgences in the party following their new found strong convictions such that the continuous developmental progress and unity may be achieved.

With the President were the VP H.E. A.A. Ismael, KULMIYE chairman Musa Bihi and Commerce Minister Hon. M.A. Omar.