Somaliland: President Receives Former British Deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia


I hope that today’s visit to Somaliland not to become my last visit to this country. I hope and plan to return’ said Ambassador Chris Allen as President Silanyo awards him valuable gift at the presidency in Hargeisa

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo has on Thursday received former British Ambassador to Ethiopia Mr. Chris Allen who paid farewell visit to Somaliland after he is replaced from his Embassy in Ethiopia by the British Government to a higher diplomatic office.
“The aim of the Ambassador’s visit to Somaliland is to farewell and say goodbye to Somaliland who is one of his friends during his tenure in office, as he was replaced from his office by another British Ambassador.” Somaliland Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mr. Bihi Younis said this in a joint press conference at the Presidency after the president Ahmed Silanyo has received the former Deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia in his Hargeisa office.
Mr. Bihi added that Chris was a great friend for Somaliland and that he has been closely working with Somaliland for the last 4 years. “President Silanyo has showed his gratitude to the Ambassador Chris and thanked to him for everything he has done for Somaliland since his tenure in office. Chris is a Somalilander and he closely cooperated with us in the issues pertaining peace, stability, infrastructure and development sector such as Somaliland Business Fund which is a development related project and has contributed a lot to the progress of our country.”

President Silanyo chairs the meeting between Somaliland officials and Chris Alen team at the Hargeisa presidency
“We are deeply deplored about his departure from office, in the meantime, we are highly pleased that he has taken a step forward and made progress in his career. Ambassador Chris, in every other place that he went, we are sure that he will keep continue working with Somaliland and its people and that he will effectively partake in Somaliland’s cause and contribute our tireless efforts relating getting international diplomatic recognition from the international community as the same way as he did before.
“Somaliland and its people have a historic relationship with the Britian. It’s true that Somalilanders have sacrificed their lives for the British government during the colony era” Mr. Younis concluded his speech.
On his side, the Former British Ambassador to Ethiopia Mr. Chris Allen expressing his government’s commitment on working and cooperating closely with the government of Somaliland and its people has noted, “I hope that today’s visit to Somaliland not to become my last visit to this country. I hope and plan to return. I have many friends here and fund working with Somaliland, the most rewarding of my professional live to- date. I believe the strong and historic relationship between Somaliland and UK.”
Ambassador Chris has added that UK government and its people are aware of the facts on the ground in Somaliland and that UK cooperates with Somaliland government in sides of development and the fight against piracy. He likewise added that UK has developed Somaliland Business Fund (SDF) which is a development related project.
Eventually President Silanyo has rewarded precious and valuable gift to the Ambassador after the meeting.
Mahmoud H. Qodah
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