Somaliland: President Performs Friday Prayers at Hargeisa’s Ali Matan Mosque


President Silanyo in Blue among worshippers at Ali Matan Mosque in Hargeisa

By: Abdirisak Itaqile

Somalilandsun –Somaliland’s President Ahmed Mohammad Mohamoud “Silanyo” has performed Friday prayers in large public mosque, reversing a trend of his predecessor Dahir Riyale Kahin who rarely appeared in crowded mosques.

President Silanyo arrived today at Ali Matan mosque in Hargeisa downtown for Friday prayers.

President Silanyo accompanied by top government officials including Foreign Minister Mohamed Biihi Yonis, Police Commissioner Brigadier General Abdilahi Fadal Iman, Somaliland National TV manager Kader Ali Gaas and parliamentarian Ahmed Mohamed Dirie “Nacnac” was welcomed by the Imam of the mosque and thousands of worshippers who went to the mosque for the same prayers, as scores of elite presidential bodyguards were absent inside and in the vicinity of the spacious mosque.

Somaliland president Ahmed M Silanyo strolls the streets of Hargeisa after Friday prayers on the 29th February 2014

“Seeing the president performing prayers in the midst of ordinary people is a positive conduct, and he is following the historic example of the early Muslim heads of state” said one of the worshippers in the mosque while speaking to Somaliland Monitor.

Since taking office in July 2010 president Silanyo has been seen visiting public places and offering prayers in public mosques without the escort of presidential bodyguards in Hargeisa, the capital city.

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