Somaliland: President Neutral in Internal Kulmiye Party Contest, Duhul


as the presidetial spokesperson says that Kulmiye will face fierce challenges from the other parties and only solid unity can ward them off 

President Silanyo R at meeting with ruling Kulmiye party leaders

By M.A. Egge

Somaliland sun The President has categorically denied the fact that the Head of State have supported any individual candidate aspiring to vie for the ruling party’s presidential ticket, come the 10th November 2015 convention, about a fortnight away.

In emphasizing the denial the Presidential spokesman Ahmed Suleiman Duhul has refuted press reports that claimed that the President is supporting a leading candidate.

At the same time the spokesman revisited the president’s affirmation to and on this particular issue upon his arrival from Ireland last week.

“The reports alleging that the Head of State is supporting one of the aspirants for the Kulmiye party’s presidential candidature is false and totally baseless”, said Spokesman Duhul to our sister Dawan Newspaper.

“The President is impartial and neutral to all the candidates aspiring for the party’s presidential (nomination ticket)”, he said.Presidential spokesman Ahmed Suleiman Duhul has refute press reports that claimed that the President is supporting a leading candidate

He said that H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud who founded the party and led it to its triumphs happen to be its main elder.

“Upon his arrival from abroad last week he was quite vivid and made it clear that he would be neutral since all those jostling for positions were his people”, said Mr. Duhul.

At stake is the presidential slot for upcoming general election, the chair of the powerful central committee, its deputy and secretarial post.

The President arrived at a time when several candidates expressed their wishes to vie for the top post of the flag-bearership, something that stirred a lot of politicking that bore camps that threatened to split into factions.

Immediately after his arrival he called the party to order and thrushed out their differences. He had expressed his wish that he wanted to see free, fair and democratic elections within the party.

On Friday a section of the local media alleged that the president was supporting a faction.

“I caution the media not to peddle lies and bring disrepute into the party that would cause rifts”, warned Mr. Duhul.

He reiterated the president’s words of wanting to see smooth elections that adhere to democratic spirit of free, fair and just exercise.

He advised that unity, stability, and solidarity within the party had the best chancee to ward off challenge from the other official political parties.

“Kulmiye will face fierce challenges from the other parties which will compete with it”, elaborated Duhul, and advised, “as such we can only ward them off if we are solidly united”.

He said he wanted to see the ruling party maintain leadership for the next four decades.

He expressed concern that “there is utter need for what the President has built and all his development achievements to be guarded and stepped up, in llne with his legacy.