Somaliland: President Must Save the Country from its Public Servants


Somalilandsun – The composition of civil servants by clan presented by Awdal elders to President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo, and disseminated to the media, was shocking and disappointing. The statistics compiled includes that of about 600 civil servants hired for the ministry of finance during Silanyo’s tenure in office by former finance minister Mohamed Hashi Elmi and incumbent finance minister Abdi-aziz Mohamed Samale only 6 were from Awdal.
The criteria of civil servant selection was obviously not based on merit or proportional representation but on naked favoritism and nepotism. This must be shocking not only to Awdal residents but to the rest of the people of Somaliland who believe nepotism and favoritism should not have a place in Somaliland.
If the mistakes are not corrected quickly in manner that is fair and reasonable, the cry for justice which has just started will grow louder and louder. Whether the present Somaliland represents the peoples of the British Somaliland will be questioned.
The people of Somaliland elected Ahmed Silanyo to be the leader. The ministers that made those disastrous decisions were NOT elected by the people. We hold Ahmed Silanyo accountable for all the actions of his appointees. We expect him to find an immediate solution to this injustice.
This matter is as significant as other hot issues facing the nation. It requires an immediate search for a solution. It can’t, and should not, be considered by the Silanyo adminstration of being as of lesser importance.
We must all be hopeful that the matter will be resolved amicably. Somaliland faced other challenges before and all those were overcome. In the same fashion we must all be very optimistic this one will also be resolved fairly and justly.
If it is resolved fairly, all Somalilanders will be winners. If it is not we will all be losers.
By Adan H Iman