Somaliland: President Launches E-Passport Issuance


As Principal Immigration Officer Colonel Mohamed Ambaro denies alleged capture of Somaliland passports in Mogadishu

L-R Interior minister Ali Waranade issues the first Somaliland  e-passport to President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somalilanders wishing to travel to countries accepting their unrecognized country’s passport as valid document should apply for the new e-passport.
This was re3vealed during the launching of the new electronic passport at a function in Hargeisa city that saw the president of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo become the first citizen to acquire the new travel document.
The e-passport that is now on issue to applicants is reported to have cost the central coffers $1m as revealed by the interior minister Ali Mohamed Waran’ade while informing that possibilities exist for the Saud Arabia accepting this document as valid for entry into the kingdom for pilgrim Somalilanders intent on performing this year’s hajj in the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

Somali Speakers can listen to the e-passport launch speeches by clicking

Meanwhile the principal immigration officer Colonel Mohamed Ali Yusuf ‘Mohamed Ambaro’ has negated the alleged capture of Somaliland bound passports by the Somalia federal Government-SFG in Mogadishu, terming the claims as a joke unworthy of laughter.

L-R Somaliland PIO Col Mohamed Ambaro says the calim by his Somalia Counterpart Gen Gafow is a  Gaff unworthy of laughter
Colonel Mohamed Ambaro was reacting to a statement by his Somalia Counterpart , General Abdilahi Gafow Mahmud to the effect that over 50 passports have been intercepted having emanated from Somaliland and geared towards securing Sudanese student visas from the Mogadishu based Sudan embassy.