Somaliland: President jets back, inspects classically reconstructed airport road


Flanked by his deputy Abdirahman Sayli the president of Somaliland Ahmed M Silanyo greets service commanders at the Egal airport in Hargeisa

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun-The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Silanyo was on Friday welcomed hilariously as he jetted back into the country following a short private holiday in the UK.

Upon his arrival the President inspected the newly recarpeted tarmac road that linked the city to the airport.

The President thanked the populace for welcoming him. “I am happy and quite thankful that am safely back home”, said the president.

He continued, “I am equally happy to see developments madewhich is something we are all proud of hence I praise all who worked towards its cause”. 

The road was reconstructed while the Head of State was abroad.

Livestock minister Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed DahirUkuse told off what he termed as doomsayers.

“Praise is to the Lord, Your Excellency we welcome you and we thank the Mayor for recarpeting the tarmac, to those doomsayers who are jealous, there is the President standing on the tarmac and quite healthy”.  

Hon. U’kuse was retorting to press reports that peddled lies alleging that the President was ill and that he was to be hospitalized.

The rumour-mongerous were silenced when the President was seen walking along London streets in the beginning of the month.

The regional governor and the mayor also spoke at the function.

Citizens welcome back president Silanyo with dance and song The President was happily welcomed by the Vic e President, Hon. U’kuse, Kulmiye Chairman and aspirant for presidency, President’s Special Advisor Ali Mohamed Waran’adeMarodi-jeeh regional governor, Hargeisa Mayor, former Finance minister AbdiazizSamale, several eminent personalities and a multitude of members of the public.