Somaliland: President Inspects Oil Facilities, Sails a Tugboat, Launches Berbera Port Extension


Somalilandsun- Berbera the Sahil regional capital was a beehive of activities as the president of somaliland conducted inspection of several public institutions the whole of 19th November 2018.
President Muse Bihi who is on his second day of an official tour saw him visit the National Oil terminal, oil laboratory, Marine Academy and the port of Berbera.
This is according to a statement released by presidential spokesperson Mahmud Warsame Jama in which a Tugboat ride by the head of state and some members of his entourage is of note.
The statement read “ Starting at the National Oil Terminal, a facility where the country’s oil imports are stored, President Bihi was given a tour round the entire facility by management”

President Bihi tours the National oil terminal in Berbera

Similarly the national fuel laboratory was also scene of similar activities by the presidential entourage.
Upon completion of the tour , senior oil terminal and fuel lab officers hosted the president to a consultation meeting where discussions revolved around achievements garnered so far and constraints deterring further developments.unquote
This facility which has been under management by a private company consortium was recently reclaimed back and returned to government management by President Muse Bihi.
From the oil terminal the head of state went to the port of Berbera where he first activity saw him aboard a new tugboat recently procured by the government, for a sail of around 2 Kilometres within Gulf of Aden waters

Technicians brief President Bihi at the Somalilamd oil laboratory in Berbera

“This state of the art Tugboat has eased not only the towing of shops to the harbour but servicing of those at sea waiting to dock at the Berbera port” said presidential spokesperson Mahmud Warsame Jama adding that its on board firefighting equipment enhances port safety.
At the port proper President Bihi undertook an inspection tour that ensued with briefing by departmental heads and a candid tet ‘a’ tet with workers who informed of aspirations.
Prior to consultation meeting with Management the head of state of official launch construction works for Berbera port extension being undertaken by Shafa Al Nahda company under contract from DP World which has a 30 year concession to manage the port worth $420m.

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During the first phase of development, both Mohamed and Allan Sanchez – project operations manager with DP World at the Berbera Port – said that a 430 meter berth is expected to be constructed which will accommodate two vessels at any given time. The overall expansion project will bring about a total of 800 meter wide berth that can dock five ships at a time. The existing port facility accommodates five major vessels on a 650 meter long berth.

President Bihi atop Tugboat at Berbera port

Addressing the expansion launch event president Bihi said “As per the timeline, the port project is expected to be finalized by 2020” adding that The port facility, which currently has the capacity to handle 150,000 container port traffic (TEU: 20-foot equivalent unit), is expected to expand into handling one million TEU of 20 and 40-foot mixed units.
In conclusion the port management upon being reminded of its importance to the national economy and nationwide development at large, was urged to ensure that recruitment, tenders etc were undertaken in a fair and legal manner devoid of nepotism or corruption
Finally the head of state visited the national marine college where he inspected facilities and met with students before a briefing by management.
The presidential delegation is composed of senior ministers in his Administration, senior ruling Kulmiye party leaders as well as a number of prominent politicians.
Among ministers in the entourage include Isse Ahmed Yusuf-Defence, Ahmed Mumin Seed- Agriculture, Sh Khalil ABDILAHI- Religious Affairs and Dr Hasan Ismail Yusuf- Health.Others are the third chairperson of ruling Kulmiye party Husein Adan Adde, Politicians Farhan Adan Haybe, Ambassador Awil Ali Duale, several senior members of government

President Muse Bihi inspects Berbera port facilities

The presidential entourage on a tour of eastern regions of Somaliland and from Berbera, Plans are for similar functions in Burao the Toghdeer regional capital
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Somaliland President Inspects Berbera port facilities

Berbera port employees meet President Bihi
Marine officers brief somaliland President in Berbera


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