Somaliland: President Inaugurates Kuwaiti Educational Charity Complex Phase II


Flanked on both sides by Kuwaiti charity officials president Silanyo inaugurates phase II

By M.A. Egge

Somaliland sun – The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo yesterday inaugurated the Kuwaiti Educational Charity Complex for Girls as part of the second phase of the educational support it has intended to this country.

The first phase consisted of the ultra-modern international class for boys that costed 7 million dollars which the President himself officially opened in the last week of November last year housing 320. The girls sector is a replica of this on the opposite side of the road.

After the Head of State cut the ribbon marking the official opening of the complex he toured the sectors that catered for various services.

He was impressed by the state of the art buildings and its facilities in all sectors of the complex which has all inclusive range of educational, health, sporting and associated recreational facilities and amenities.

He is on record as saying that “the orphans’ community who were a special part of the society have now got the best opportunity to be moulded into the leaders of tomorrow” during the inaugaration of the first phase for boys when he laid the foundation stone of the second phase for the girls whose fruits he personally and officially launched yesterday.

The project was implemented by the African Relief. The establishment got heralded during the incumbency of the sitting president.

President Silanyo and donor representatives cut a Kuwaiti and Somaliland flags adorned cake to officially open the orphange complex in Hargeisa.

brieifng by staffThe institution has both contemporary main-stream basic education hence at the same time, in juxtaposition, runs vocational apprenticeship courses as part of its entra-carricula trainings.

The President thanked the Kuwaiti government profoundly for establishing such educational complexes in the country.

He underscored the importance of the institution underpinning the fact that it would go down as a great milestone for the country’s educational sector.

The President and the Kuwaiti foundation handed each other reciprocatory honour plaques in appreciation for services rendered by each party.

Mr. Sa’ad Ali Utaybi who thanked the President for gracing the inaugural festivity underscored the importance of aiding orphans, something both the Kuwaiti charity institutions caters for the fund that sponsored the establishments is a Kuwaiti Alms Foundation, a state department.

The Minister of Religious and Endowment and the Head of Welfare Office at the Presidency Amina Mohammed also spoke at the ceremony.

The First Lady Amina Sh. Mohamed Jirde was especially lauded for being at the forefront in seing to it that rights and the welfare of orphans and poor children are always addressed.

Ealier on in the morning the President visited the Hargeisa International Hospital funded by the same Kuwaiti establishment and toured all the various departments of the health centre which is equipped with ultra-modern medical appliances.

The boys’ complex offers, apart from normal mainstream educational curricula, practical technical courses like metal and aluminum works, furniture making, electrical wielding apperenticeship and also agricultural production while a state-of-the- art tailoring department etc are provided for in the girls’ sector.

President Silanyo is condcted on a tour of the sprawling complexIt caters for both day and boarding students with fully fledged primary, secondary and polytechnical sections. The institution also has state of art mosque and hostels backed by bakery department apart from the administration sector.

Apart from catering for local complex consumption, the school had also market oriented production.

This, indeed a pioneering project in the country, veers from basic welfare based ones to that of developmental achievement aspects of economy.

The grand project is quite gigantic and magnificently immaculate.

The complex’s agricultural farms get water from boreholes drilled within its environs.

Reliable sources state that funds accrued from the hospital services are also meant to help supplement the day to day running of the both the boys’ and girls’ educational complexes.

It is understood however that the pupils and students of the school receive specilized exclusive treatment at the hospital.

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