Somaliland: President Hasan of Somalia Eyes’ SL Guurti Chairmanship in 2016


As the Elders chamber start deliberations on the Proposal by NEC to postpone elections and subsequent presidential request to extend tenure
L- R President Hasan Sheikh of Somalia wants to challenge Suleiman Aden as Guurti chair during 2016 elections in Somaliland

MOGADISHU (Somalilandsun) – The incumbent Guurti chair Suleiman Mahmud Aden is set for a tough challenge in Somaliland elections slated for mid 2016.
According to reliable sources within Villa Somalia the seat of Somalia Federal Government-SFG in Mogadishu current president Hasan Sheikh Mahmud intents to vi for the office of Guurti chairman thus among toughest challenge to incumbent Suleiman Aden.
“Guurti which is the upper chamber of the Somaliland parliament has a vast experience in conflict resolution and state building” says Hasan thus his wish for an Educational stint before returning to war torn Somalia for implementation.
Our source who is a personal confidant to the president says that despite elections also slated in his own Somalia backyard Hasan Sheikh says that his tenure awarded through selection by the international community has been impact less since he has failed in the two major pledges of establishing his authority in Somaliland and bringing peace through elimination of Al-Shabaab. “As the Guurti leader in Somaliland, the knowledge garnered shall go a long way in ensuring my next stint as Somalia president in the 2020’s shall be fruitful” President Hasan is reported as saying.
While the immense experience he can gain at the Guurti which has helped turn Somaliland into a peaceful oasis in a sea of chaos the real motive behind this move to his Hargeisa Nemesis is fear of losing in the 2016 elections in Mogadishu says the editor of Somalilandsun.
Despite the incentives enjoyed by Hasan especially access to millions of donor funds which are not monitored thus utilized without transparency President Hasan seems to have been cowed by the announcement of intent to contest the SFG presidency by former Ambassador Mohamed Ali Nur.
Apart from the political implications of this move as pertinent to his long term opposition towards the recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign nation, worrying is the obsession of Hasan on peaceful coexistent established by Guurti in Somaliland that ensues with him, President Hasan, spending his free hours inside Villa Somalia with his face painted in Somaliland national colours, says our source.
an SL colours obssesed Hasan SheikhWith this development in Mogadishu which is clearly a major political trump card for Somaliland, dates of the elections in which Hasan wants to contest in are currently being debated by the Guurti following request of extension submitted by President Silanyo after the National election Commission-NEC proposed extension from earlier planned date of mid 2015 to 26th June 2016.
Speaking to reporters upon his return from a visit abroad where he was when NEC proposed new election dates and president Silanyo submitted a request for Extension the elders’ leader Suleiman Aden said that his chamber will debate the proposal and come up with an apt response devoid of pressure from any quarters.
“The Guurti is not Government, NEC or a political party thus our decision will be made as per deliberations and subsequent recommendations from various stakeholders.
Stating that this is not the first time for elections in Somaliland to be postponed Suleiman Aden said that the procedures followed in past instances shall apply in the current situation as well.
Urging politicians and stakeholders not to incite strife among citizens as per the NEC proposal the Guurti chief said his chamber shall reach an appropriate decision of election dates suitable and acceptable to all.
Guurti is the arm mandate by the Somaliland constitution with the task of extending tenure of sitting president and Parliament as well as approval of election dates.