Somaliland President Expected to Fly to Djibouti


Somalilandsun:The head of state H.E Musa Bihi Abdi is expected to fly to Djibouti this week for a political talk with his host Mr.Ismael Omar Gueleh. According to
a source inside Hargeisa’s presidential mansion informed vernacular Somali
daily Foore that this will be the second visit to that country. Immediately
after being sworn in president Bihi toured Djibouti on his first foreign
tour. The president tour comes at a time the Horn of Africa is experience
political change. Foes have become friends, Ethiopia and Eritrea have
buried their hatchet and are now working together. The president of Eritrea
Mr.Aferworki spent two days in the Somalia capital Mogadishu.

According to sources president Bihi and his Djibouti counterpart will
discuss the new political situation in the Horn region which has seen the
diplomatic standing of Djibouti go down following the emergence of new
powers in the region.

Another report confirm that president Bihi tour involves the DP World.
Reliable sources informed Foore that the Somaliland president is not
pleased with how the company is running the port and delaying the expansion
projects. The Djibouti government which kicked out DP World from their
country were had advised Somaliland to thread careful since they had
suffered the brunt of DP World inefficiency.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir


  1. Djibouti is working very hard to have DP World kicked out of the Republic of Somaliland and lobbying Republic of Somaliland’s government hard to stop the UAE military base as well. A

    My understanding from speaking to those in the know say Djibouti has not managed to move Somaliland’s position and they(SL) are sticking with the UAE.