Somaliland: President Establishes National Employment Scheme directorate

  • Somalilandsun- Following the Head of State’s pledge of prioritizing creation of employment in the country, the President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi has named the Office of the Director General in charge of National Employment Scheme.
    The Scheme is expected to be a Special Program meant for national building, youth motivation and putting efforts on creation of employment opportunities.
    The directorate is to be headed by Mr. Mohammed Hussein Osman alias Mu’adinka.
    The decree was contained in a letter referenced JSL.XM.WM.222-205.102016
    By M.A. Egge
    Muadinka has had a high profile public service career starting as the clerk to the parliament in the 90s, later appointed the executive director of the Somaliland national HIV/AIDS Commision-SOLNAC before shifting to his post directorate appoint position and current one as the president of the Hargeisa based Edna Adan university