Somaliland: President Culminates Peace and Unity Tour in Erigavo, Sanaag Region


Somalilandsun- The people of Sanaag Region have made enemies of our country ashamed thence Hold their breath in trepidation.
This was stated by Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi during an address to Residents of Sanaag Region at Berta Hurriyada- Freedom Garden in Erigavo town on the 26th November 2018.
The president who is on a leading a large high powered delegation in a tour to the eastern regions dubbed Peace and Unity received a very warm welcome from residents of Erigavo adorned with national flag colours and waving wet twigs.

Erigavo receives President Muse Bihi Abdi

The welcoming committee organized by the Sanaag regional administration and Erigavo Local Council which included hundreds of citizens received the presidential entourage 10 Kilometers on the outskirts of town.
Mobbed by a jubilant citizenry President Bihi who is on his maiden tour of the country’s far-most Eastern Region took time to shake hands with ordinary citizens from all works of live, gender and ages on the way to the town’s freedom garden.
To welcome President Bihi was a large crowd of people led by the regional governor Mohamed Ahmed Alin ‘Timbaro’, the Erigavo Mayor Councilor Ismail Haji Nur as well as regional services commanders, traditional and political leaders.
To show respect to the head of state not a single of the three national political parties (Kulmiye, Wadani and UCID) flags were visible.
To launch events of the official President Muse Bihi homecoming trip to Sanaag Region was a colourful Guard of honour mounted by units from the Somaliland army based in Erigavo.
This was followed by Mayor Ismail Haji Nur who started by thanking the had of state. “Mr President welcome to Sanaag Region which is the most diverse natural resources producing area in our country”

With his spokesperson Mahmud Warsame President Bihi Strolling Erigavo streets

Adding that frankincense, minerals, forests, gold and oil as well agricultural and livestock produce are in abundance in the region the civic leader also went on to give a concise report of achieved, ongoing and planned Development programs as well as constraints.
“Now that you have finally visited us, the entire Sanaag Region is hopeful that more shall be accrued through your administration towards poverty elevation”
The sanaaag Regional Governor Mohamed Timbaro who also thanked the head of state of undertaking the arduous journey in order to visit his constituents also thanked Residents for the warm and peaceful welcome accorded their president.
Also welcoming and thanking the president on behalf of traditional leaders was Sultan Rashid Sultan Duale who said that the visit shall remain historical in the region.
“Your people here always hear about your activities with Residents of the capital city Hargeisa But today it is their happiest day for your are here with them” said Sultan Rashid.

Erigavo Mayor Ismail Haji Nur welcomes presidmt Bihi with a hug

Also addressing the function were the ministers of youth/sports, Defense, livestock & fisheries Development, Water Development ministers namely Boss Mire, Isse Ahmed Yusuf, Hasan Ali Gafadi and Suleiman Ali Kore respectively.
Thanking entire Erigavo for warm welcome, President Bihi Said “All your efforts that made this warm welcome possible was not made for me personally for I am one of you, but for respect of our country” adding that “It is a show of nationalism that has made enemies of Somaliland ashamed and surely in trepidation”


Welcome Ashmes and Fightens Our Enemies, President Tells Residnts of Erigavo
For those not aware Sanaag Region is the foundation stone of Somaliland and its people being the home of all our forefathers who are all buried in the region.
The presidents peace and unity that tour of eastern regions started in Sahil Region , followed by Toghdeer, then Odweine and Sool culminates In Sanaag with the entourage expected back in Hargeisa a day or so later.

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Erigavo receives President Muse Bihi Abdi
Erigavo receives President Muse Bihi Abdi
Somaliland Forces salute their commander in chief and president Muse Bihi in Erigavo
Somaliland Forces salute their commander in chief and president Muse Bihi in Erigavo
Somaliland Forces salute their commander in chief and president Muse Bihi in Erigavo

President Bihi in Erigavo