Somaliland: President Concludes a Fortnight’s Peace and Unity Tour of Eastern Regions


Somalilandsun- A maiden tour to eastern regions  of Somaliland by President Muse Bihi Abdi has concluded with a hilarious reception by Residents of the capital Hargeisa

In the Meet-the-people tour in the eastern parts of the country, a trip that depicted the nation’s reiteration of sticking steadfastly to its justified aspirations saw the presidential entourage visit Sahil, Toghdeer, Odweine, Sool and Sanaag regions
The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi was hilariously welcomed back to the city after a fortnight meet-the-people tour in the eastern parts of the country, a trip that depicted the nation’s reiteration of sticking steadfastly to its justified aspirations.

President Bihi back in Hargeisa

The tumultuous reception that was highlighted with deafening ululations from the members of the public greeted the Head of State at Halaya as his entourage had its convoy coming back to the capital, Hargeisa.

Foremost to receive him at hand was the Interior Minister Hon. Mohammed Kahin, Marodijeh governor, the city mayor, his deputy, the city’s executive secretary, the head of the nation’s traditional leaders Sultan Mohammed Abdiqadir and Elder Adan Ahmed Derie (Adan Barado).

The President took the opportunity to lambast the Mogadishu government President Farmajo for sounding the fact that they were in the process of uniting the whole of Somalis-read Somali-weyn.

The President wondered how a sane mind can live in utopia dreaming in-objectively when situation at hand exhibited or pointed otherwise. He noted that the re-assertion of Somaliland independence was a fore-gone conclusion that was beyond reproach.

He said that the President of Somalia should first focus on stabilizing and uniting his country such that he may worthy to talk to Somalilanders.

He reminded the populace that they had suffered a great deal under the unfortunate union with the south hence has taken to seeing to it that what they aspire to should be fruitful.

Residents of Hargeisa welcome President Muse Bihi after conclusion of f peace and unity tour of eastern regions of Somaliland

He observed that the southerners (Mogadishu government) find it painful to comprehend the fact that when it comes to this country’s national aspirations the people were solidly united and portrayed a national front rallying behind their flag.

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He thanked the people for showing such unity and for according him the warm reception.

The Head of State underscored the fact that whereas Somalis can generally share the same culture, religion and language, their politics and aspirations are diverse and by thus Somaliland justifiably runs her cue in such context.

On his part the interior minister noted that the President visited six regions in the eastern parts of the country that depicted the solid unit the country professed.

He welcomed the President back to the city hence praised the locals for presenting such a reception as a strong supportive front.

Both the Sultan and Elder cum businessman Adan Barado echoed similar words of brethrenship.

The President had earlier on spent a couple of days in the port city of Berbera where he saw the inauguration of Abdala stadium hence personally helped roll out the carpet for the stadium.

He likewise toured several areas monitoring various development projects.

Somalilanders reception for President Bihi

Before coming to Berbera he visited the Sheikh military academy whereby he addressed the military with words of wisdom that boosted their morale. Generally the president was ushered to each and every centre or town with great happiness and enthusiasm by a happy crowd.

It is no wonder that from his and own personal observation the Head of State quipped with happy reflection at Erigavo, “Such reception is not being accorded to an individual but it indeed depicts the enthusiasm the people have for their nationhood and aspirations”.
By: M.A . Egge

L-R Heads of somaliland’s dual chambers of parliament Bashe Mohamed and Suleiman Adan welcome President Muse Bihi

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