Somaliland: President Commends NEC for Successful Nationwide Voter Registration


L -R Somaliland president Ahmed M Silanyo and speaker of parliament cum Wadani party chief Abdirahman Irro at the NEC function in Hargeisa

 Somalilandsun- The National Election Commission-NEC has completed voter registration in all regions of Somaliland.

This was disclosed during a function organized by NEC held in the capital Hargeisa and officiated by President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo with participation from all three national political parties, government officials, legislators, traditional/religious leaders and ordinary citizens
In his keynote speech president Silanyo termed the successful conclusion of the exercise as not only one that bestows upon citizens the right to elect their leaders of choice but a victory for the nation’s democratization process
Read below verbatim excerpts of the President’s speech:
“In the name of Allah, the most magnificent, The Most Benevolent; Thanks to Allah, It is to Him that Praise Belongs.”

Ladies and Gentlemen;

“It’s a great honour for me to be attending the ceremony marking the successful completion of the National Voter’s Registration process which was undertaken in all regions of the Republic of Somaliland between the 16 / 01/2016 and 20/09/2016.

“Thanks to Allah, for it is to Him that praise belongs.
The successful completion of the National Voter’s Registration process in all regions of the country is a blessing from Allah and a victory for the entire nation. It is a victory for the democratic process and a prelude to holding free and fair elections in our motherland, and a victory for my administration.

First, I would like to commend the various arms of Somaliland Armed Forces for their role and efforts in ensuring the voter’s registrations process took place without any hindrance whatsoever. Secondly, I also congratulate Somaliland citizens for fulfilling their national obligation, mobilization and peace participation in the voter’s registration process at all the various NEC established Centre countrywide.
Somaliland political leaders and government officials at the NECfunction in Hargeisa
This is a clear portrayal of our citizens’ political maturity as well as support for the democratization process. At the same time, it reaffirms sovereignty of the Republic of Somaliland and its people’s determination to sustain prevalent security, peaceful-coexistence and democratization process which has not only been achieved with much sacrifice but rare among much of Africa.

Further, I would like to thank members of the National Electoral Commission and their staff for the wonderful job and for making sure that the Voter’s Registration was successfully made easily accessible to all citizens at their areas of residence.

On the other hand, I would like to thank our international donor’s partners namely the European Union and the United Kingdom for support in the just concluded voter’s registration not to mention our entire democratization process.

For this never ending support from our foreign partners and being a noble people familiar with appreciation and gratefulness to those whose concern for us is availed material, financially or morally, we say Thank you very much and hope that our partnership not only in democratization but all other sectors shall continue unwaveringly.

Similarly we shall not flinch nor feel ashamed but appreciate constructive criticisms, propositions and guidance from our partners and friends for we believe it is for the good of the nation and our people.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Participants follow proceedings at the NEC function And with due respect to our various partners it is important to mention that some internal issues are discernibly clear to those it belongs to thence held dear and if at times friends do not see eye to eye it is worth accepting the course taken by those whom internal affairs affect most, in this case citizens of Somaliland.
To this effect and in respect to the separation of the Presidential and Parliamentary, I wish to reiterate that it is one based on the common interests of the nation and as the head of state; it’s my duty to protect above all our peaceful coexistence and national unity.

We strive to make progress and avoid whatever may be impairment to our national budget and funds for holding election; it’s the responsibility of the state to its citizens. Therefore, our donor’s partners may have stated they won’t provide the necessary funds needed for holding upcoming elections, so its Somaliland’s government responsibility to deal with this.

We must plan on how in the near future the government of Somaliland shall come up with the funds needed to hold the election. Therefore, I have decided the next Presidential election should be held as previously planned (28/03/2017). Our previous commitment was for the government of Somaliland to provide 25% of the funds needed for the voter’s registration process so far we have provided 50% of the recently concluded process.

Today, the government must come up with additional Eight Million Dollars ($ 8,000,000), which corresponds to 80% of the cost of elections. Indeed it is a financial burden, but we must confer together, cover government costs. I urge the National Electoral Commission to make sure upcoming elections are in due time and held in a free, fair and transparent manner.”

Flanked by his Spokesman Hussein Aden Igeh Deyr president Silanyo delivers his keynote speech at the NEC function in Hargeisa
Released by the Presidential Spokesman
Hussein Aden Igeh (Hussein Deyr),