Somaliland: President Cautions Somaliland Tender Board Committee


Somalilandsun: The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has held a special meeting
with the recently appointed members of the National Tender Board at the
presidential mansion. This is according to a press statement released the
presidential spokesperson. The statement which Somaliland News Agency
(SOLNA) got a copy revealed that the head of state wanted to seize that
opportunity to motivate the new members of the committee to work hard and
put the interest of the nation before personal interests.

The president informed them about the importance of transparency and
accountability in holding this vital office that undertakes government
procurements and bidding of contracts for different parastatals and
government ministries.

The head of state requested the members of the tender committee to work
hard in their day to day operations and persevere on whatever challenges
that come their way. The president promised the commission to stand with
them whenever they need his help, insight or advice.

The tender commission promised to work justly without favor whatsoever and
discharge their duty in a transparent and accountable way. They also
thanked the president for their appointment.