Somaliland: President Bihi’s Adminstration Scores High on Anti-corruption and Poorly on Delivery-POLL

Somaliland: President Bihi's Adminstration Scores High on Anti-corruption and Poorly on Delivery-POLL

Somalilandsun:43.3%  of the Somaliland citizenry say President Musa Bihi is doing better in the fight against corruption compared to the administration of his predecessor.

This is according to an online poll conducted by in which 1,735 people participated  over a  2 weeks period.

While the president scores good on the anti-corruption  he scores poorly on job handling in which he garnered  a  69.1% disapproval rating

Somaliland citizens believe President Bihi is on the right anti-corruption track

Most respondents or 62.7% do not think President Bihi has been successful in keeping his campaign promises three years into his term.

On President Bihi’s cabinet appointments,  45.2% of the respondents scored the cabinet composition  as Poor.

On the foreign policy front especially on the issue of the quest for international recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign nation 46.9% believe the president doesn’t have the right team in place.

Citizens Believe the President Bihi quest for Somaliland recognition is ineffective

On a second term bid by  President Bihi if elections were held today, 69% of respondents voted No,

Similarly the administration scored poorly on an number of issues especially its handling on Covid-19,  Drought and climate change

For full details of the poll and  how President Bihi and his administration have fared in comparison to a similar one of 2018 HERE

The poll indicates a dissatisfaction with President Bihi’s delivery

Editor’s note

Though the poll results are articulated professionally the poor ratings of the president might be due to political inclinations of the respondents

This summation devoid of disrespect to the pollster and while it is always a norm that an incumbent rates highly in the first year and then begin a tumbledown in subsequent years in office the fact is that the online poll might raise suspicion on results.

For example were the respondents asked about

  1. Nationality both adoptive if Diaspora and of origin

  2. Political affiliation (Kulmiye, Wadani, UCID)

3  Level of education thus ability to discern

4  current residence

  1. Own property or pay taxes in Somaliland.

  2. Registered  voter

Somaliland: President Bihi’s Adminstration Scores High on Anti-corruption and Poorly on Delivery-POLL

This a just a few pointers that would ensue with a completely factual response to the poll, for example if a respondent is a member of opposition Wadani party then voting for the reelection of Kulmiye’s Musa Bihi is definitely a NO.

Similarly if a respondent is of the Somaliweyne persuasion then President Bihi’s team for the Somaliland international recognition quest would be INEFFECTIVE.

That argued we commend the somaliland chronicle team for their initiative which shall certainly open up the somaliland political scenario towards issues based campaigning as opposed to current clan based norms.

So were the respondents biased or the results reflect on the ground status?