Somaliland: President Bihi in Maiden Visits to Eastern Regions, First Stop Berbera


Somalilandsun- Somaliland Citizens resident of Centre’s between Hargeisa and Berbera had their first glimpse of their President Muse Bihi Abdi.
Waving wet leaves and Somaliland flags citizens in the various centres were out in large numbers to receive President Muse Bihi who is making his maiden visit to eastern parts of the country since assuming office almost a year ago.
Upon arrival in the Sahil regional capital Berbera the head of state disembarked from his car and walked hand in hand with the large number of citizens who were part of his welcoming committee for almost three kilometers to the center of the port city.

From Hargeisa to Berbera residents receive President Muse Bihi with wet leaves and somaliland flags

The presidential delegation is composed of senior ministers in his Administration, senior ruling Kulmiye party leaders as well as a number of prominent politicians.
Among ministers in the entourage include Isse Ahmed Yusuf-Defence, Ahmed Mumin Seed- Agriculture, Sh Khalil ABDILAHI- Religious Affairs and Dr Hasan Ismail Yusuf- Health.
Others are the third chairperson of ruling Kulmiye party Husein Adan Adde, Politicians Farhan Adan Haybe, Ambassador Awil Ali Duale, several senior members of government
During a presser at Berbera the presidential spokesperson Mahmud Warsame Jama first took the opportunity to thank Sahil regional administration and Berbera local council for the warm welcome Organized and the ordinary citizen for the warm welcome accorded the president and his entourage.

From Hargeisa to Berbera residents receive President Muse Bihi with wet leaves and somaliland flags

Briefing on objectives of this visit, the president’s mouthpiece informed that it “includes inspection of Development projects, acquisition of empirical knowledge of livelihood status and more important a meet the people session for one on one”
Upon completing duties in Sahil The president is expected to shift to the Toghdeer regional capital Burao for similar purpose.

Even Tipoers were on hand to salute Somaliland President Muse Bihi along the Hargeisa Berbera highway
From Hargeisa to Berbera residents receive President Muse Bihi with wet leaves and somaliland flags

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Berbera Residents Receive, Sahil Region Touring President Muse Bihi


  1. Ina Guuha-Awaare-Dhagahbuur-Godey road is the reaquest of the Idagale clan to president Musafe Agjar of Somali State(Ethiopia).

    The Idagale(Isaaq) and Reer Isaaq(Ogaden) have been left behind in the development projects of Somali State(Ethiopia) and it is now time for them to get some development for their areas, which they deserve..

    The first test of president Mustafe Agjar of Somali State(Ethiopia) will be the:

    Ina Guuha-Awaare-Dhagahbuur road.

    Muuse Jama
    Rabasso, Itoobiya

  2. Qawdhan

    We the Somaliland Diaspora from the Hawd/Salaxlay region support the current government 100%..

    Kalagooye Dam in Salaxlay area is an ongoing project, it has not stopped.

    The Hargeisa-Ina Guha road is a community project and it is almost complete, there is a chance that the Somaliland government’s road agence will support maybe 10-15 km but the community will have to finish the rest.

    Today is time for all Somalilanders to put our differences aside and support our president Muuse Biixi and his administration. The victoruly of our president is our Somaliland victory.

    Madaxweyne Muuse waxaanu leenahay Jir oo Joog, kuna Guuleyso dhamaan Mashruucyada Horumarineed ee Aad Dalka uu Talogashay.

    Somaliland waa Dal iyo Dad Qudha, Qabyaalaf Ma Ogolin.

    Somaliland Guul iyo Gobanimo

    Somaliland ha Noolato, Cadowgeedu Ha Jabo.

  3. I used to support president Muuse Bihi but it looks like he have hate towards Idagale and Habar Yoonis clans.

    There is no development project in Idagale areas, he(president) could not even support to finish the Hargeisa-Ina Guuha road, we have no idea what happened to the Kalagooye Dam in Salahley area? All development.project is in Habar Awal areas.

    President Muuse Bihi removed Idagale minister of government(Finance) and replaced it with his relative, this is unacceptable.

    President Muuse Bihi seem to not like Arab clan, Idagale clan and Habar Yoonis clan.

    I am sorry that our president has turned ito a tribalist. SAD!