Somaliland: President Bihi Erred In Firing Finance Minister-Citizen Farah Muse


Somalilandsun- In reaction to our story titled in First Mini Reshuffle Somaliland President Fires Finance Minister as Dr Saad Exits FM   Our reader Faarah Muse commuted “President Muuse Biihi made a mistake and unjustified decision when he removed the Minister of Finance from his position.

This was the best Finance Minister for Somaliland at this time. The revenue was increasing steadily under this minister. I am sorry that Somaliland took this unjustified and not thought out step.

I say this because the finance minister:

  • Increased the revenue of the state
  • Expanded the ministries reach and regional offices and
  • Made a great number of reforms to the ministry that were vital to bring it into the new era of transparency in Somaliland Governance Structures

Therefore I can only conclude that this was a terribly bad decision by president Muuse Biiihi and that he has allowed himself to be pressured by tribal interests. Very sad.-Unquote

Faarah Muuse