Somaliland: President bent on Upholding Equality and Dismantling Tribalism


By M.A. Egge
Somaliland sun-The President H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi has just shown that his administration during his tenure will be one that would uphold equality and dismantle tribalism hence fight against clannism.
This hint was portrayed and depicted in his firs full cabinet meeting he had with his newly named administration yesterday whereby the ministers were directed not to attend or be part of a function held in their honour by the members of their kinfolks or communities they hail from.
In an hour-long meeting that was graced by all but one of the 32 named members of the new cabinet, the Head of State outlined that his administration was chiefly focused on adhering to its agenda as based on the ruling Kulmiye party’s campaign objectives.
He noted that the implementation of the National Development Plan Phase 2 was also the issues at hand expected to be expedited.
The President underpinned the importance of patriotism while underscoring the prioritization of national cohesion hence impressed upon the ministers the need for stepping up the peaceful stability cherished and sealing rifts opened in the wake of tense political campaigns.
The Head of State especially noted that the above efforts were to be collectively carried out and indulged into such that unity and solidarity may be maintained.
According to the Presidential Spokesman Hussein Aden Egeh who told the media of the meeting, it was expected that they were to uphold equality in all matters of development and justice nationally.
These and more directives were contained in a seven-point items articulated in a resolute meeting held.
1. All members of the council of the cabinet took oaths of allegiance and secrecy of officialdom.
2. Ministers were to verify all their movable or immovable wealth.
3. Supply personal CVs as per constitution.
4. To hold consecutive cabinet meeting in line with working procedures
5. All regions should be equally subjected to justice and development aspects.
6. Since all ministers are national leaders they ought to uphold the stature hence should refrain from gracing, participating or indulging into partisan functions that are tribally based or aligned with clannish innuendoes.
7. All ministerial changes-of-guard functions should be held in or on government premises only.
The above directives gives a hint that the new Head of State is bent on fighting against tribalism, pilfer by official status or misuse of public property or office