Somaliland: President Behi Divulges his Administration’s Security Sector Strategies


Somalilandsun I take this precious opportunity to address the honourable members of the two Houses of Parliament. I’m honored to come in front of the senate and the lower House of Parliament to make my annual and first state of the nation address for 2018. Honorable members of parliament my administration has mapped a route and set a strategic plan that concerns the security of Somalia d in the course of my tenure.

In his Annual Presidential Speech 25th March 2018 president Musa Behi Abdi addressing the issue of security in the country told the joint session of parliament that

Quote- An issue of utmost importance is that our military on the borders in the east of the country have moved the boundaries to the original point where the British had earmarked as the borders of Somaliland. This could not be possible without the support of the people of Sool region. I thank them for their patriotism towards their motherland.
As you are all aware the government of Somalia made a lot of noise to attract attention of the international community they made false allegations against the republic of Somaliland claiming that our country had violated their sovereignty however we sat down with the global actors and made sense to them we showed them that our military was within our borders furthermore the original British government border was 60km away from where Somaliland military personnel are currently stationed. This could not be possible without the support of our neighbors and economic development partners who have stood with us through thick and thin. The people of Somaliland have also been very supportive to their country aspirations for instance without them the security, economic development and free and fair elections could not have become a reality. The people have played a key role in changing the guard of honor through their exercise of their democratic right they have voted in and out presidents and maintained peace in a volatile region.
The government has sold the idea of self determination of Somaliland people to the international community.

President Musa Behi addresses a joint session of Somaliland parliament in his first state of the nation addresses, March 2018

Security Sector Strategic Plan

Honorable member it is our priority to secure the security of our land, sea and airspace from any threat real or perceived. And as a consequence guard our aspirations of self determination furthermore protect our tranquility, peaceful coexistence and security of the Republic of Somaliland. Our security policy is that peaceful coexistence with our neighbors in the greater Horn of Africa region and the world as a whole by cooperating with other nations around the globe to enhance the security, noninterference of other countries affairs, respecting our neighbors and cooperation in economic development matters. In this respect for us to fortify our internal security it is our responsibility us as government you as legislators, elders, traditional leaders, intellectuals,youths and women of Somaliland should join hand to protect our peaceful coexistence from border to border. I urge the people of Somaliland to become brothers and live in peace through mutual trust and understanding.
Ladies and Gentlemen Somaliland is one country and one people so groups or tribal affiliations are things that can dent our country so we have to be extra vigilant. To improve our internal security we have to promote the cooperation of the civilian population and our security forces. We are going to promote a public awareness campaign to make sure that the people of Somaliland work with different organs of our security personnel. We are also going to equip, modernize and train our security forces so that they may uplift their skills. We shall also modernize our police so that they gain the ability to fight crime using the latest technology at our disposal. As you all know these days teenagers have taken our towns and cities hostage by committing acts of thuggery as a consequence of endemic joblessness we shall address this boldly. To benefit from the youths brains and strength we have planned to introduce a national youth service, we have earmarked a budget this way idleness of teens will be a thing of the past. When we talk about internal security of our nation the most sure fire threat is confrontations between tribes through clan affiliations.
Clan wars have snuffed out more than 90 souls and have maimed and injured the same number or more according to recent skirmishes.

Somaliland service commanders

This our country cannot afford to lose such a large number of her population through avoidable circumstances.
My dear brothers and sisters let’s see, check and take notice what we do inherit from tribal wars? Displacement, deaths,poverty, widows and widowers, orphans and being reduced to becoming beggars is that the life we want for our people?
Our nation is losing a lot of lives through road carnage in total 2258 accidents occurred in Somaliland whereby 160 people lost their lives, while 1956 people were injured.
I have ordered the ministry of transportation and roads development to as soon as possible to implement a system that will reduce the number of accidents on our roads. I have also requested that driving licenses should only be given to drivers who have passed a difficult driving test. Lest we forget only road worthy vehicles will be allowed to ply on our roads unroadworthy vehicles will never again be given opportunity to cause accidents. My government also intends to pass the road bill in parliament for ardent implementation of this law.
The country has also seen an increase of violent rapes on our girls in 2017 about 80 rapes occurred it was perpetrated by 100 rapists. We have also seen the increase of ignorant teens who have taken over our streets we are going to deal with them without mercy.
The new government has an agenda in store to modernize an increase the number of our military personnel who have been vigilant in guarding our security.