Somaliland: President Behi Cautions Somalia Against Baseless Propaganda


Somalilandsun- The head of state H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has refuted claims by the Somalia’s PM to foul mouth the investment made by DP World in Berbera as he Defends Somaliland against Baseless Propaganda Emanating From Somalia’s PM

The president was speaking during the International Day for Women celebrations.

The annual ceremony held on 8th March was marked at the Civil Service Institute in Hargeisa. The head of state stated that the Somali Prime Minister Mr.Hassan Ali Khayre had uttered negative political sentiments which were meant to scare any would be investors to Somaliland and by so doing confirms Somalia’s lame duck government agenda to tarnish Somaliland reputation as a safe haven for foreign investment.

L-R Social services minister, Preasident Behi, Edna Aden and minister Bandare marking internatioal womens day in Hargeisa Somaliland

Mr. Bihi reminisce the political trappings and economic and social development sabotage the Somalia’s government has always waylaid on the path of Somaliland’s people aspirations to development.

 “Lately there has been propaganda and baseless utterances from Somalia’s leaders especially the young PM from Norway Mr. Hassan Ali Khayre purportedly condemning the tripartite economic development agreement reached by the governments of Somaliland, UAE and Ethiopia. These clearly show that the Somalia’s government leaders are far removed from reality and base their decisions from hearsay.”

President Bihi went on to say the historical bulling the people of Somaliland endured under the Somalia’s despots and dictators are still fresh in peoples’ mind.

“You are an ignorant young man who hasn’t gasped what transpired between our two governments furthermore you claim that no one should trade with Somaliland and the investment agreement between Somaliland, UAE and Ethiopia should be approved by Mogadishu I  think you are day dreaming.”

The president said that the claims by Somalia’s PM that he governs Somaliland is utter rubbish and queried the PM if he knows what happened when his ancestors were alive.

“Rewind when Somaliland and Somalia united the then president Mr. Adan Ade said that Berbera is a small port all ships should dock in Mogadishu. He went further to tell the Somaliland leaders then that since they have come to Mogadishu the  capital city will be in Mogadishu  while the PM, the speaker of parliament, the military and police chiefs plus all ambassadorial posts would be filled with Somalia’s appointees whereas Somaliland was only allocated two ministerial post.” President Musa stated.

 He reminded the young PM that the 50,000 Somaliland civilians lost their lives after Somalia’s ruthless tyrant Mohammed Siad Barre and his regime reduced most Somaliland cities and towns to rubble after slaughtering and maiming her inhabitants.

President Behi says Somaliland is ready to defend her sovereignty and shall not be dictated to by Mogadishu.

The president said that Mr.Hassan Ali Khayre utterances are a declaration of war and Somaliland will not be cowed or coaxed.

The head of state reprimanded Somalia’s regime that Somaliland people are united and shall return fire with fury if coaxed into war.

” Hargeisa is ready to defend her sovereignty and shall not be dictated to by Mogadishu.”

“Somaliland will not be hoodwinked to follow orders from Somalia concerning her development and other related issues.” President Bihi quipped.


  1. Mr Muse bixi is pointin the fingers who was responsible for the attack on hargeisa 1988 when he participate the the attack.
    Did Mr Muse bixi forget he was a NSS officer based in berbera who killed many isaags and innocent people. Did Mr Muse bixi forgot daahir Riyaale Kaahin who also was member of NSS officer based in berbera and participated the atrocities against Somalilanders do not lecture us about history because history will always remember what happened.
    Mr Muse bixi doesn’t represent Somalilanders he only represent the hardliners secessionist traitors and war criminals.

  2. Musa Bihi is no-nonsense man. He doesn’t hang around and bluntly goes straight to the point. However, I would love to see more pro-active foreign policy by Somaliland government countering Somalia’s claim to be the only legitimate and sole representative of a united Somalia in the international arenas, because there is no union to safeguard without Somaliland. Who unitied with who? if Somaliland withdrew from the union with Somalia, Somalia can not coerce Somaliland to reunite with them.
    Somaliland should not be silent when Somalia is going around the world spreading their false claims about a united Somalia because “he who is silent is taken to agree”.
    Somaliland government can even claim to be more legitimate since they were elected democratically unlike their counterparts in Somalia.
    Somaliland should show the world that the country is divided and Somalia alone, who was one part of the union, can not represent the other part in any form.

    • Somalilanders should first figure out about their so called leaders Somalilanders shouldn’t forgive one war criminal and be mad on other war criminal Somalilanders shouldn’t cherry picking and the union can’t be retaking by warlords but a legitimate leaders and the people they represent and I know what you gonna say but not all Somalilanders are genuinely want the secessionis from somalia only a few the SNM and wealthy somalis want that. But most of them are scared of SNM