Somaliland: President Ahmed Silaanyo Deserves Praise not Poison (Part II)


By: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) |UK|

In the past few weeks, there has been an unsubstantiated and cheap tittle-tattle talk consistently voiced by less credible, unstable and amateur-like politicians towards the incumbent president and his government.

Time and again they let us believe that our country is heading into a wrong direction, our country is in a precarious security situation simply because ‘two foreign commercial companies’ left Somaliland by hitherto unknown reasons. The decision taken by these two companies to leave our country does not mean that our country is not safe enough to do business. Peace, security and social togetherness are the hallmark of Somaliland population which makes them so special and unique in comparison with the other fellow population in the neighbouring countries. Nobody else but the citizens of this great nation is the guardians and mainstay of security, stability and a peaceful society that lives side by side in a harmony.

With dignity, decisiveness and well balanced judgment, the government of the Somaliland Republic has successfully moved the country out of the ditch that the former administration left the country in. Driven by a sense of patriotism and following the courage of his convictions, President Ahmed Silaanyo’s administration leads the country into the right direction. In a relatively very short time, the President has translated his electoral promises into concrete and visible actions.

In contrast with its predecessor, this government has come with a collective and effective strategy based on unyielding vision and mission, inspiration and ambition, justice and decisiveness, teamwork and transparency, sincerity and sense of social responsibility, focusing on general public interest rather than specific kith and kin or special inner circle groups. The combination of these moral ethics paved the way and enabled them make possible all these consecutive achievements.

2. Foreign Affairs Agenda:

Before President Ahmed Silaanyo came to power, Somaliland was a completely invisible and anonymous country that no one missed or noticed of its presence at regional and international policy levels. The current Somaliland government has transformed our country from a completely introverted and isolated country into an internationally respected partner for peace, stability and democracy. The current Somaliland Foreign Policy is absolutely equipped to the changes, needs, obstacles & geo-political challenges facing Somaliland’s people today in the Horn of African Region and on global stage.

Constructive approaches, broad public consultation, breaking through the diplomatic barriers, reshaping the detached and cautious policy and what once was regarded as unthinkable or a diplomatic abhorrence are the hallmarks that make the Somaliland’s foreign policy so unique and special. Thanks to his government’s leading and forward thinking foreign policy, the President has almost certainly put our country on the map. Our country is today more and more valued and respected as a Regional and Global Partner.

3. Increasingly visible involvement of the young people

In Somaliland, politics has been always considered as an issue for the older people. The young people with political ambitions had no opportunity whatsoever to achieve their political ideals. President Ahmed Silaanyo’s government has restored the young generation’s belief and trust in the political system, in government as well as in the democratic system in their country. It was his government’s initiative to encourage and to be actively engaged the young people in the political dynamics as well as in the decision making process of the country. By a daring and brave decision-making, combined with an impressive and adaptable leadership quality President Ahmed Silaanyo turned the young generation’s dreams into reality.

4. We don’t need shoot-from- the-hip policy:

In a democratic constitutional state, politicians (elected or unelected) from the opposition parties have also a certain social and moral responsibility towards the state and people. They are entitled to have their say and they have every right to express their views freely, but they cannot say inconsiderately everything they have in their minds. Their actions and statements must be always balanced and contemplated in relation to the public interest as well as in relation to generally accepted democratic standards. Therefore, they should be very careful for their political statements against the incumbent government. An ill-advised political statement may perhaps cause unnecessary social confusion that nobody benefits from it.

A constructive and well measured criticism towards the government has a valuable social purpose. It contributes to the protecting and standing up for the public interest on one hand. On the other hand, the government may take this criticism seriously and it may have the tendency yet to correct its mistakes. In reality constructive criticism generates binding rules and trust among the society and it is beneficial to all of Somaliland citizens without exception. But the problem is when some people endlessly continue with a damaging propaganda, improper and unsubstantiated accusations against the President and the government he leads; solely based upon point scoring ping-pong policy or gaining personal interests. A shoot-from- the- hip behaviour puts Somaliland’s national credibility in jeopardy and it increases only the social split and contradictions among the public and it may cause an irreparable damage to our country’s interests.

5. Conclusion:

Taking into consideration the level of the progress achieved by this government, with great approval and certainty can be simply stated that the economic, social and political development the current administration has realized in three (3) years, the former Somaliland administration failed to do in eight (8) years time. I believe that the current government has dared what no other former Somaliland governments could have ever dared! The leader of our nation has already demonstrated by his deeds, words and actions that he is: A nation builder and true democrat driven by fairness, compassion, care and devotion to duty, social justice and equality consistently applied to all community levels. He is a leader with a Mission and Mandate who gives a Voice to a Voiceless nation.

The most pathetic pessimist on earth is the person who denies and does not appreciate the good things that has been done for the wider social and public interest, regardless of who has done this. Anyone who denies the good things done by others for the benefit our people and country, that person is unworthy and has no place in our society.

We must strengthen the key elements that work for the social fabric and public interest and bring the citizens together, putting emphasis on our shared values, history and common destiny that enables us to pull together as a nation in on hand. On the other hand we must prevent and combat everything that divides and breaks up our nation. We all know that our country’s future is as bright as we make it that is why we ought to fight for what we believe in!

Long Live the Somaliland Republic and its Noble people

Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) [UK]

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