Somaliland: Preparations for 22nd Sovereignty Anniversary Commemorations Launched


By: Hasan O Horri

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The President H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo has established an 18th May independence day preparation committee composed of eleven members from the administration.

In a letter addressed to the eleven committee members the head of state who informed of the importance the nation places on 18th May Independence Day asked the committee to see to it that the forthcoming 22nd anniversary of the country’s self-rule is celebrated in style nationwide.

The president’s letter addressed to the appointed Independence Day celebration preparation committee read:

Sub: Appointment of 18th May Independence Day Preparatory Committee

Ladies and Gentlemen

As you are aware and Allah willing we are about to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of Somaliland’s independence that falls on the 18th May 2013.

Due to the importance our country attaches to this day the government wishes to ensure that nationwide commemorations are held in style and coordinated manner.

To this effect I have established an eleven member committee of which you the addressees of this letter are members.

While urging regional and district level authorities to cooperate with the committee I also expect it, committee, to perform its preparatory duties diligently thus a successful 22nd independence anniversary commemorations on 18th May 2013. Unquote

On 18thv May 1991 and following a decades long and gruesome civil war with the regime of Siad Barre Somaliland declared its sovereignty thus officially pulling out of its union with Somalia.

Members of the preparatory committee chaired by the minister of foreign affairs Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar includes:

Minister of Interior Mr Mohamed Nuur Arale ‘Duur’

Minister of Information, Culture and national guidance Mr Abiib Tima’ade

Minister of Education Ms Zamzam Abdi Aden

Minister of Resettlement, Rehabilitation & Reconciliation Dr Suleiman Isse ‘Hagaltosie

Minister of fisheries & Marine Resources Mr Abdilahi Geeljire

Minister of Industries Mr Abdirizaq M Osman

Deputy Health Minister Ms Nimo Hussein Qawdan

Director General at the Presidency Ministry

Presidential Advisor on minority people

Deputy Hargeisa mayor

MP Ahmed Mohamed Diriye Nana’a

With the naming of foreign minister Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar as chair of the preparatory committee It appears that the government and president Silanyo is intent on holding coordinated celebrations not only nationwide but worldwide as well.