Somaliland: Poverty makes People Flee



By: Bengt Norborg

Somalilandsun- – Is it all right here? Is everything under control, feels it is safe and secure? Police on the street in the city of Berbera on the coast of the Gulf of Aden smiles and convincing. He wants proof that we feel safe and like our stay in Somaliland, in the country that does not exist. /react-text
Beside my always proffsige photographer Sven-Ake, who understood film, is Ayaan and Rhoda, laughing. They are both of Somali Sweden. Ayaan is a nurse at the Karolinska, and Rhoda is a pharmacist from Gothenburg.
Probably they laugh because it’s great to show off another Somalia than it constantly seems plagued by war and terror.
Maybe they laugh also at the scene with the intense police so clearly to mark Somaliland in the north is different from the violence and chaos in the South.
– I grew up in the South, but here I am safe. I can go out there at three o’clock at night and never feel threatened. But to the south, I have not dared to go, it’s a dream, a beautiful day … says Ayaan Hassan
The questions that Parliament did not succeed in solving the clan leaders had to deal
Somaliland is namely a self-governing part of what is officially called Somalia. Although Somaliland broke away from Somalia in a civil war for 25 years and in the last 15 years has managed to control its borders, maintain peace and tranquility here and completely spared the terrorist scourge al-Shabab.
pharmacist Rhoda Emli runs a pharmacy in Somalilands capital Hargeisa. Photo Bengt Norborg SVT Rhoda Elmi, who is a pharmacist by profession but also Somaliland’s representative in Sweden, pointing to differences between Somaliland and the rest of Somalia.
– The northern part was under the British, it was a protectorate, while the rest of Somalia was ruled directly by Italy. Here we have managed to dialogue and compromise between the clans and groups. The issues that Parliament has failed to settle the tribal leaders in a special House of Lords had to deal with – and managed.
All paid with swishande – a typical sudden leap in evolution
We follow with our two guides who, like queens progressing forward on the dusty streets and answering all curious questions about who we are and what we do here. The two are quite obvious in the clusters of tea-drinking men who like to talk.
– Sure, many women will reclusive and a little cautious, not stick out. But I say what I think and feel, Ayaan says and continues:
– I can dress myself in the tradition not to provoke anyone, but even as a child in Mogadishu accustomed me when women had strong voices. I live as I want, she says, laughing carelessly.
And while the men drink tea selling women fruit or vegetables or Djad, the stimulant plant that many chewing and provides an amphetamine-like effect. Many men walk around with a bundle under his arm, it’s a daily ration and almost more common than coffee.
And all paid with swishade, then electronically transferred money from mobile to mobile. A typical sudden leap in evolution as one sees sometimes in poor and seemingly underdeveloped countries.
For advances. Somalis are returning to help. Ayaan Hassan always try to work a little extra on the hospital in Hargeisa, to help but also to learn.
– It’s amazing how good you are here to get the wounds to heal, it’s not nearly as much bruised and diversions at home in Sweden. And it works!
For breakfast, there will be camel-live one day and goat live another
Rhoda Elmis son became ill once visited here and got the wrong medicine. Pharmacist from Gothenburg realized that she could make a difference and therefore pursuing a pharmacy Swedish style in Hargeisa.
Ayaan Hassan a nurse at the Karolinska SVT encounter in Somaliland. Photo Bengt Norborg SVT She can ensure that Swedish products have given their durability and that the contents match what is written on the package – more than she had encountered that problem here.
Also thinking for themselves to a pharmacy with guaranteed drug is good in case … to the breakfast becomes namely camel-live one day and goat liver another. It is good, well prepared, and it is during the day. And could stomach protest are always Elmis pharmacy, I think.
Would the world have recognized Somaliland had the future looked brighter
But there will be no problems at all during the stay, neither the stomach or something else. Just realize that Somaliland is a positive exception in the Horn of Africa, where violence, war and dictatorship is the normal state.
And when you see the mile long beach in Berbera, completely undeveloped, and realize that paradise this also is, or could be, if only the calm will last. But this requires enough that the world supports Somaliland little better. Poverty makes people flee to a different future.
– We’ve been around for 25 years and tried to develop, but without a hearing, we get no recognition, says Rhoda Elmi.
Rhoda says that it helps mainly the young leaves, they find no jobs.
– Would the world have recognized Somaliland had the future looked brighter. It seems that war and terror, look at South Sudan, giving more attention and actually increases the chances of genuine independence. It is unfair.
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Source: Svt
Translated from Swedish by google translate