Somaliland: Post Election Troubles in Sayla


Somali Journalists in netherlandsSomaliland Journalists in Netherlands Statement

Somalilandsun – Latest update on the situation in Sayla (Zeila) that resulted in the deaths of innocent teenagers by Somaliland Journalists in Netherlands


• 16. 12. 2012, President Silanyo was in Djibouti to attend the 40th anniversary celebration of the Somali becoming a written language. Silanyo had a private discussion with President Guelleh of Djibouti regarding the recent local elections in Somaliland, especially those in Sayla. Guelleh made clear his displeasure concerning the result in Sayla election insisted that Silanyo override the democratic wishes of local people and install an Issa councillor as mayor. Guelleh went on to threaten President Silanyo, when he made clear that should this not happen, Djibouti will no longer recognise Somaliland as a country which had previously been agreed between the two Presidents. President Silanyo returned to Hargeisa and ordered the Vice President to ensure that an Issa was appointed Mayor of Sayla. The Vice President refused to do this.

• 27.11.2012, Djiboutians crossed the Djibouti – Somaliland border. Djibouti has frequently made belligerent claims in regard of Sayla and Lughaya district. Following this unprovoked incursion citizens in Sayla and Lughaya protested and two were shot dead and two others wounded.

• 25.12.2012, Musa Bihi (Kulmiye Party Chairman) said, “We are Isaaq and Issa helped us and gave us a financial and military support while we were in the fighting against the Said Bare regime. Muse as well said Issa were allied with Isaaq while SNM (Somali National Movement) was fighting.

• 30.12.2012, President Silanyo of Somaliland sent to the Awdal city of Borame a delegation headed by the Vice-president of Somaliland which consists of 30 delegates include Musa Bihi and Haji Abdi Warabe Hussein (Guurti Chairman/Somaliland Upper House).

• 30.12.2012, the Youth in Awdal started huge protest which they were against the delegates because of the provocative words from the Chairman of Kulmiye Party (the Dominant Political Party in Somaliland). Protesters voiced their concern that democracy for the regions was being eroded and that the Kulmiye Party and President Silanyo were intent on stoking up tribalism. The protests continued for two days and the security personnel of the delegation fired on the protesters, and they shot 8 teenagers two of them died and six of them are still in Borame hospitals.

• the recent behaviour by President Silanyo and the Government of Somaliland has resulted in unprecedented protests in Awdal. Emotions are running very high and there is increasing concern that the Government in Hargeisa is deliberately starving the region of resources, aid and development.

• 31.12.2012, 5 O’clock up to 10 O’clock, 30 delegates include Upper & Lower members of the Somaliland house, elders, politicians from Hargeisa and 100 Awdal elites met in Mana-guest House to discuss the majority Councillors in Sayla.

• 01.01.2013, Following on from recent protest and deaths President Silanyo’s reluctantly Government took the democratic decision that they have been determined to thwart.

• 07.01.2013, In excess of 70 vehicles crossed the border from Djibouti making for Sayla with a view to intimidating local people and denying democratic wishes in connection with the appointment of the new Mayor of Sayla.

• People in Awdal, as well as in the Diaspora are concerned that the international community, diplomats, NGOs and the media seem to be largely unaware of what his being going on and as such urge a greater willingness to visit western Somaliland, as well as to hold the Government in Hargeisa to account for its actions, which threaten to fragment the country and cause further regional instability and suffering.

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