Somaliland: Pontus Marine Limited, a Fisheries Company (Video)


Somalilandsun – A company named Pontus Marine Limited to trade by shares for the development of the fisheries business in Somaliland was recently launched at the People’s Palace Hall at Queen Mary University in East London.

The executive director of the company Mr. Mohamed Yusuf who also owns the Invicta Capital Limited said that the company was being launched after a through research and a feasibility study that showed the prospectus of potential fishing business in the ports of Maydh in Sanaag and Bebera in Saahil of Somaliland. The company will start the first phase of the work from Maydh port where the company will initially use pontoons as a temporary service while the port is being developed .

Mr Yusuf said that ” although this is unique business initially based in Somaliland , it will eventually extend along the coast to Somalia in the future”.

Watch this one hour Pontus Marine Limited for details