Somaliland: Pon Power Joins the Fight against Poverty


Pon Power  donated equipment

Somalilandsun – Somali Fair Fishing is an independent Danish-Somali NGO which has initiated a hands-on project, building a local fish factory in Somaliland.

The aim is to contribute to the stabilisation of the country through prevention of piracy and mitigation of unemployment and poverty.The project began in October 2011 and by August 2013 the factory will be operational.

The organisation relied on sponsor donations to build the fish factory, and received generous support from Danish companies in the form of equipment, supplies and services. For example Mærsk has donated freezer containers, Danish Crown has donated production equipment and trucks, Falck has donated lifeboats and other safety equipment and Clipper has donated office equipment and is also part of the board.

Pon Power is also supporting this project by donating a Caterpillar Perkins 1006 – 6 cylinder diesel engine and genset with 100 kVA for power supply for a flake ice machine and cooling containers.

“Our assumption is to prove that fishermen can land one tonne of fish per day for a month in the late autumn of 2013 and that we can send it through the value chain Catch-Land-Treat-Transport and Offset,” said Somali Fair Fishing.

“When the first phase is completed in August 2013, an SFF fishery station will be able to deliver ice, receive and process fish in September. The station will have eight Somali employees. If we succeed, the concept is considered proven and SFF moves to the next level of operation. The activities aim to prove that the idea of building fishery activities in and from Berbera, Somaliland, is realistic. The first half year is spent on building a fishery station with ice production and a rig in the port, make it operate and test it. The second half year should demonstrate a stable value chain from catch to market and cooking,” explains the organisation.