Somaliland: “Politicians Must Act On National Interests and Not Personal Gains”-Amb Awil


Amb Awil Duale

Somalilandsun -Ambassador Hussein Ali Duaale (Awil) who was also the former Minister of Finance during the Riyale Administration’s term in office issued a message to Somaliland politicians. He urged more unity and an additional focus on national interests rather than personal benefit.

Ambassador Awil, situated in Nairobi Kenya, spoke to our reporters in an exclusive interview.

“It’s of the utmost urgency that voter registration and elections take place according to agreed upon dates. Politicians must hold the country as their primary concern. It is important that we acknowledge that discussions with Somalia are to clarify relations; and, we as a nation are self-sufficient”, said the Ambassador.

He also pointed out that presidential candidates for all three parties will be known by the end of the year.

Source: Horn Newspaper