Somaliland: Politician Mahmud Hashi Accuses President Bihi of Dictatorial Tendencies , Malfeasance

Mahmud Hashi ejected from kulmiye party he helped found accuses president Bihi of dictatorship

Somalilandsun: Somaliland is currently under the grips of dictator shrouded as a disciple of democracy in the person of President Muse Bihi Abdi

This was alleged by political Mahmud Abdi Hashi during a presser in the capital Hargeisa where he strongly criticized leadership style of President Bihi whom he also accused of mismanagement and corruption.
Referring to the just concluded 4th -Kulmiye national Conference, as an example of the Dictatorial tendencies of the Somaliland head of state the politician accused him of twisting the party’s constitution thus benefit himself with the unopposed retention of the chairmanship.
Said he, “The 4th convention of the Kulmiye party went as I predicted. Bihi Abdi was Illegal re-elected as chairman having made sure all aspirants including me were denied registration as candidates” adding that This is a new phenomenon for the KULMIYE party.
According to Hashi the perceived victory of Bihi is his individual glory but a mess for the party reckoned with being the most democratic in Somaliland.
Referring to the constitution of the ruling party Hashi said “Today, President Muse Bihi Abdi has no right to run for the post of Chairman of the Kulmiye Party, but he has the right to run for the presidency again. The post of Chairman of the Party by the President is a reflection of the Somali saying ‘One Bull does not give birth to a Halal camel’. Somalis also say that the leg that passes beyond the jaw breaks. ”

Mohamud Hashi also said, “I say to the President, the reflection of your mind and the energy that surrounds you is not real, it is illusory.
To the president I say , “My friend Muse, I see that you have per your discerning succeeded, and I see that you are standing firm, but you have been consulted with bad advice which has unleashed the dictator in you” adding that Bihi should listen to others in the party in order to get a clear picture of members frustrations and disillusionment that if not checked will surely lead to the self destruction of the Kulmiye party
He further urged Bihi to take a leaf from his predecessor in the Kulmiye Party leadership and Somaliland presidency Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo who handed over party leadership upon election to country president.
“If after all your close association you learned anything it should be prudence and patience the two virtues that make a good political and great leader” advised Hashi
According to Mahmud Hashi the administration President Bihi leads has failed miserable in relation to pledges made during election campaign.
In this the president was accused of being the first Somaliland head of state to be engaged in land grabbing against ordinary citizens as documented publicly on numerous occasions.
Said He, “Muse Bihi it is very unfortunate that you are involved in land grabbing at this particular age and station in your life” adding that it is imperative that he repent for his presidency has turned into one of crushing powerless citizens thus enriching his family which is an aspired to imitation of third world leaders of your ilk.

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On election campaign pledges made Mohamud wondered if any of the development plans set by the Kulmiye party have been implemented. “Did the KULMIYE party’s motto ‘Going forward and tomorrow be better’ come true?” It’s easy to put up stickers, but it’s not easy to implement. ” adding that , “In the last three years of the KULMIYE Party’s second term, and the first term of President Muse Bihi, the national budget has increased significantly due to increased taxes, such as soft drinks, vehicles, equipment. In the construction, the import tax rate was increased from 5,000 to 2,000 at a time, which means an increase of 40%, and Ahmed Silanyo’s government increased the exchange rate by 1,500 shillings.
If the revenue has increased by 24%, it is questionable what has been done. It is certain that many small businesses have gone bankrupt, and the Kulmiye Party’s promise to significantly reduce the level of poverty in the near future has been denied. ”
In conclusion Mahmud Abdi Hashi who is a founder member of the Kulmiye party and former minister in the immediate past administration of president Silanyo said that unless Bihi utilizes the remaining and short duration of his tenure in putting things right he will surely be remembered as the president who led Somaliland down the drainage thence a perpetual member of the garbage dumb of African countries led by dictators.

Muse Bihi Abdi  is the current elected president of Somaliland by one-man-one vote