Somaliland: Political Parties Woo Mujahid Ahmed Mire


Ahmed Mire Mohamed

By : Mohamed Abdilahi

Hargeisa(Somalilandaunting) –The three main parties in Somaliland are fighting over to get Ahmed Mire on their side. Ahmed Mire was one main members of SNM. On his years of the fight he lead many victories that is remembered very well. After civil war ended Ahmed Mire left the country. He prepared a doctorate as He was in the abroad. After twenty five years of living in oversees, he finally came back to the country.

As he was staying in the country Ahmed Mire has met many of his co-fighters and other members of Somaliland Parties

On the other hand the main three main parties Kulmiye, Ucidand Wadani are fighting over ahmed to join on their side. As Somalilandsun is receiving There were meetings between Ahmed Mire,MuseBihi and members of ministries of the government where exposed to him to join Kulmiye, since Muse Bihi and Ahmed Mire  had been fighting together for the independence of this country. But the decision of the Ahmed is not clear yet.

In addition to that Wadani Party is also planning to meet up with Dr Mire. They are willing to have him on their side. Though we are not hearing any hearsay from Ucid towards Dr mire , We doubt that they don’t want him on their side.