Somaliland: Political Parties to Decide on 10-month election timetable Submitted by NEC

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Somalilandsun: The Somaliland National Elections Commission- NEC says that a successfully free and fair election can only be held in ten months.

This was revealed during a NEC and Political parties working group meeting held in Hargeisa last Saturday.

At the meeting, which discussed conduct of timely, free and fair parliamentary and local elections the commission presented the party members with a draft timetable.

According to Geeska Afrika newspaper sources the NEC timetable indicates that the electoral body indicates that it can hold elections within 10 months.

Having submitted it’s timetable as directed by a tripartite political  agreement which stipulated a parliamentary and local councils polls anytime before end of current year, NEC now awaits reaction from the three Somaliland national political parties of ruling Kulmiye and opposition UCID and Wadani.

The sources added that the party members working with the commission will take the proposal back to their party leaders, for decision, whether they are satisfied or not.

While other  reports indicate that  Kulmiye party has already proposed   six months timetable what is obvious is that UCID and Wadani shall not give assent  to the NEC schedule thence as per the new inter parties accord concur with the ruling party

Last week, the commission presented its 10-month election timetable to members of the parties in charge of working with the commission, but at the time some parties, such as Kulmiye, proposed reducing the deadline to six months. .

The timetable by NEC is in conformity to directive to provide the same in a fortnight issued by the three political parties following their accord last month