Somaliland: Political Parties Registration Committee on Bill Forwarded to Guurti


Somalilandsun- The spokesperson of Political Parties registration committee Mr.Hassan Ahmed Du’ale also known as Hassan Ma’alim has spoken about a bill forwarded to the senate which seeks to repeal some sections of the registration of political parties’ law which the two opposition parties have vehemently opposed. When the Horn Newspaper reached Mr.Hassan on telephone he said “The House of Elders (Guurti) and parliament have powers vested in them in the constitution so they can make changes wherever necessary they have the mandate stipulated in the national registration of political parties’ law. The senate are allowed to bring 12 member and the House of Representatives also 12 are allowed to bring a motion to the both houses for debate. Furthermore 10,000 members of the public can propose for changes to be made in parliamentary bills.”

When asked if the government could bring in a motion to change the registration of political parties he said “The government, the two houses of parliament and members of the public have power bestowed to them by the constitution to change whatever bill concerning political parties’ registration.”

When asked the cold shoulder attitude shown by the two opposition parties he stated “Yes the law could be changed even though people have different views on this matter does not stop the law from taking it course. The opposition have their own agenda nevertheless the constitution allows all laws to be repealed including the national registration of political partie