Somaliland: Political Parties Agree, Registration of Voters will Go on as Scheduled

Consensus follows a tripartite parties meeting at the presidency in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun: A three-prong crucial meeting held at the Presidency on the evening of Thursday the 10th Dec, 2020 has decided that the time-table slated for the on-going registration of electoral voting will go on as scheduled.

The meeting that brought together the heads of the three official political parties, the national electoral commissioners, and several members of the council of cabinet ministers came after several appeals were made by elders of the eastern parts of the country to have the exercise re-scheduled.

NEC dispatches voter registration equipment

According to a press release from the presidency dated 10th Dec, the meeting comes after the elders had meetings with the head of state, the officials of political parties and the election commission officials.

It noted that the Thursday meeting averred that the manner in which the registration exercise is going on would not be re-scheduled.

The NEC officials who were present argued that the commission was pressed for time and that it would not be worthwhile to post-pone the exercise.

The meeting, however, agreed upon to have the elders appeal availed to the NEC with the view that they (NEC) re-evaluate binding, authentic or justified needs as per the rescheduling would warrant.

Abdirahman Irro visits voter registration centres in Awdal Region-file

They all appealed to the residents of all the regions remaining to undergo the process to readily exercise their political and register themselves for vote in the forthcoming parliamentary and civic election.

So far the exercise has been done in Awdal, Gebilay, Wajaale, Salahley and Baligubadle areas.

It is due to start today in Marodi-jeeh and Sahil regions and thereafter schedule to go on in the eastern regions of the country.

By M.A. Egge

Somaliland: Political Parties Agree, Registration of Voters will Go on as Scheduled