Somaliland: Policeman Shoots and Fatally Injures 9 Years Old Girl


Somaliland police officers especially in Hargeisa are becoming very adept at shooting youths

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – An attempt by police to disperse some youths raising ruckus in a Hargeisa estate has ended with the fatal injury of a young girl.
In a fateful event nine years old Najma Jamal Abdilahi was grievously harmed by a policeman who by accident or intent shot her twice in the chest as she stood outside their home watching police try to arrest a 13 years old boy in company of others in Hargeisa.
Police officers who appeared shaken by the fatal incident said they were in pursuit of a young boy said to terrorize other kids in one of the estates in the Somaliland capital Hargeisa and upon approach a group of others in his company started throwing stones at the law enforcers.
By the time of publishing the injured girl is receiving emergency medical attention while neither police headquarters nor the ministry of interior is yet to issue any statement.
Despite the silence this is not the first report of the Somaliland police especially in Hargeisa wounding sometimes to death youths of varying ages, some of them, ironically while in custody.
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