Somaliland: Police will Investigate Circumstances that Caused Death, Injuries- Fadal


Brigadier Fadal (2nd L) with other Snr police officers at the press conference

By: M.A Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Commander of the National Police Forces Brig General Abdullahi Fadal Iman has confirmed the death of the civilian killed in Buroa public protest that left in its wake untold spate of disastrous rampage and injuries .

Brig Fadal said that he had dispatched a contingent of security personnel amongst whom were senior officers led by his number two, Brigadier Gen Abdirahman Liban Foohle.

The commander said in a press conference that investigations will be done as to the circumstances that live bullets from police gunshots killed and wounded several people, amongst them the head of the municipality police who got injured.

Major IlkaaseThe public chaos had its fracas sparked off by the replacement of the regional police chief Major Ahmed Abdirahman Ilka’ase. To a press prodding, the Brigadier retorted that it was part and parcel of police procedural duties to be transferred (or replaced).

He appealed to the residents of the area to be calm and maintain peace and stability. Asked as to why they used live bullets on unarmed demonstrators and not use either water cannons or tear-gas canisters, he said ”It is not due not imprudence on our part to use live bullets, but we’ll investigate the circumstances”.

He disclosed that 33 jerry-cans of illicit liquor nabbed by police in the city, each containing 30 liters of the drink.

He said the culprits with the brew would be arraigned in a court of law.

 Somaliland Police display nabbed alcohol

Meanwhile, the cabinet ministers dispatched to Buroa to help calm the situation are said to be busy meeting elders.

A former Togdeer deputy regional governor Mr. Guleid Dahir Samatar and some eldersGuleid Dahir were said to have been summoned, however the reports did not clarify whether for consultations or for grilling.

Brig. Fadal said the situation was under control.