Somaliland: Police Use Live Bullets to Disperse Unruly youths in Borame


Fracas started at the Borame Stadium/file

By: Guleid A Maher

BORAME (Somalilandsun) – Security forces in Borame town used live bullets to disperse gangs of two opposing high school teams in a tournament organized by a local NGO-SOLYO.

The competition which was on-going for about four weeks had reached the finals. The two finalists jostling for the trophy were Sheikh Ali Jowhar high School and Ardaale high School. The game ended with a draw forcing the reference to order for a penalty shoot-out. Ardaale clinched the trophy by beating their rivals, to 5-3 goals. According to journalist working for a local daily Sahafi in Borame, Mr. Mohammed Omar Sheikh confirmed that at the time of the match the stadium was full to capacity.

He added that some teenage girls supporting the two teams were the root cause of the incitement. The reporter went on to say that the youths brought the town’s business to a standstill by un-wrecking havoc.