Somaliland: Police Swoop Nets 265 Suspected Criminals in Hargeisa


Brigadier Fadal Iman

By Guleid Abdi Maher

HARGEISA [Somalilandsun) – The commissioner of police brigadier general Abdilahi Fadal Iman in a press conference in his office said that his officers arrested more than 200 teenagers who cause chaos in city estates

“most of the thieves we have captured are young boys who usually harass innocent pedestrians by mugging them of the valuables and others deal in selling of illicit alcoholic brews and bhang ( cannabis sativa ).

Mr. Fadal said that this operation was bigger than others done before because of the large number of people caught .we also managed to arrest hooligans who usually walk in groups and rob people of their mobile phones while pretending to be fighting after a foot ball match against their opponents masking their intention as a result

The commissioner added that suspects were armed with dangerous weapons such as machetes, swords, kitchen knives and daggers. I am sending a warning to all pharmacies which sell valium or drugs to thugs who terrorize city residents that we will close down their business premises if they continue to sell drugs to people who do not have doctor’s prescription the commissioners said

In the operation people drinking and selling alcohol were arrested and they will be arraigned in court soon city Hargeisa has seen a increase of violent crime by thugs who rob with impunity which has led to outcry by city inhabitants.