Somaliland: Police Officers in Gunfight after an Arrest Order by the OIC Splinters the Sool Regional Police Force


Worried residents following the bizzare procedings unfoling at the Las Anod Central police station in Sool region of somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan

LAS ANOD (Somalilandsun) – Residents of the Sool regional capital of Las Anod are gripped with fear as law enforcers split into opposing factions that has ensued with an exchange of heavy gunfire.

As now one faction of the regional police force is in control of the central police station as the other roughshod over the regional force command headquarters both in Las Anod town thus the unfolding bizarre event in which the section of officers aligned to the deputy officer in Charge-OIC dispute authority of their commander Major Ga’ama Yare

The ongoing standoff in the eastern town of Somaliland ensued earlier on Saturday after police officers attached to the regional command post attempted to arrest the deputy Officer commanding station –OCS Lieutenant Ali Kasey on orders of their boss.

Las Anod Central Police station is the law enfrcers conflct EpicentreAccording to a Somalilandsun source in Las Anod the regional police chief was irked by the insubordination of Lt Ali Kasey following refusal to effect the confinement of Central police station based officer issued by Major Ga’ama Yare of Friday 4th March 2016.

Sporadic gunfire erupted within the confines of the Central police station injuring one officer a Somalilandsun informant in Las Anod said, adding that the tangle for law enforcement authority in both the capital Las Anod and Sool region at large has elicited fear among residents.

Sool regional police force confrontation  is bizarre enough the silence by both the regional and central governments is beyond belief not to mention that Sool region remains the Achilles tendons of the Somaliland sovereignty and quest for international recognition being home base of the Khatumoist secessionist that aspires to a Khatumo state of Somalia presumably to be curved out of parts of the country’s eastern regions where the Harti Clan predominates.

Residents of Las Anod town shy away from the towns streets as Somaliland police officers engage in a frefightCopyright: Somalilandsun, 2016.