Somaliland: Police officer Wounded in Saraar Region Pasture and Water Dispute


By: Yusuf M HasanNomads in pasture and water dispute

QARARO VILLAGE (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland interior minister Mohamed Ali Waran’ade is in Saraar region to diffuse tensions over violence erupting between two clans.

Conflicts over water and pasture lands saw a police officer wounded and a number of residents injured after violence erupted when they failed to agree on sharing the commodities precious to nomads worldwide.

The interior minister who is leading a delegation composed of the Toghdeer regional governor Mohamed Omar Hamarje and area traditional leaders is also reported to have facilitated the transfer of the wounded police officer to Burao hospital for Treatment.

Minister Waran’ade who upon arrival to the area castigated the police for using live bullets against civilians instructed security personnel not to use any weapons towards the warring residents as his delegation shall resolve the issue amicably and violence free that is without use of weapons

This is not the first time for residents of the Saar which was heaved off from Toghdeer region to engage in acts of violence over water holes and grazing lands ownership.

In August 2013 two clans in Oog district fought over pasture and water resulting in the death of six people from both sides.

Owing to the fact that similar acts never occurred before the creation of Saraar region from areas then in Toghdeer region it is imperative that the government step in urgently and provide proper demarcation thence deter this cancer in the area.