Somaliland: Police Nab Smuggled Alcohol


Police display  seized jerrycans of Alcohol By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Police Anti drugs activities are bearing fruits in all parts of the country.

This was revealed by the national police commander Gen Abdilahi Fadal Iman during a press briefing at police headquarters in Hargeisa where more than 600 litres of alcohol seized by police were displayed.

Gen Fadal informed that Hargeisa police who were acting on a tip-off from a member of the public managed to corner a 4X4 WD Toyota Surf vehicle whose cargo was 30 jerry cans full of illegal beverages.

The police chief who thanked members of the public for continued cooperation with police informed that two smugglers were also arrested during the drugs raid in the capital city.

“The two culprits will be arraigned in court very soon since they were caught red-handed thus negating days of investigations while in police custody” Said Gen Fadal

The fully loaded 30 jerry cans with a capacity of 30 litres each were observed to contain low quality alcohol known in Ethiopia, its country of origin as Katikala where it is mostly consumed in ramshackle houses as it is in Somaliland.

Since Gen Fadal assumed command earlier this year the police force has intensified drug busting activities that have seen major hauls of alcohol and Hashish (Marijuana) seized in various parts of the country.

While the consumption or sale of all sorts of Alcohol and Marijuana are taboo for Muslims who make up 99.9% of the population they are also illegal as per national laws thus whoever is arrested in possession is met with the full wrath of law.

Just as the country is used as a transit point by human traffickers conveying their human cargo from Ethiopia to the port of Bosaso in Somalia, Alcohol and Marijuana smugglers who incidental double as Human traffickers use the same Wajale, Hargeisa, Burao, Las anod and Bosaso route for their drug smuggling.

Though Gen Fadal made the war on Drugs and Human trafficking his priority when he ascended to the police command and despite the numerous successes garnered so far, the elimination of the two pronged (Human trafficking/Smuggling) lucrative multi-million dollar trade is an arduous task for the police force which is in dire need of modern skills and tools of their trade.